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Woo hoo-W9.R3 done!!!

Woo hoo-W9.R3 done!!!

I’m so pleased to say that I’ve just graduated in Correljo, Fuerteventura ! Exhausted but exhilarated to have done so 😊

Can I have my badge please?

I started this journey in November this year after another visit from the Black Dog-only this time he brought a friend, skitty cat (anxiety). These two scallywags brought chaos to my household, upsetting my daily routine - all I wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and eat cake 😔

My husband more or less dragged me kicking and screaming to the gym as he was adamant exercise would help-unusually for me I listened to him!!! Luckily for me I found this plan-it gave me direction, motivation and an achievable goal. Looking back it’s also taught me the value of perseverance, self belief and discipline. My 45 year old body and I have been thru a lot together-although I’ve often treated it with disrespect it’s never let me down. I now intend to treat it with respect with a new love of running and healthy eating.

The Black Dog and Skitty Cat are long gone and I’d like to think I’m armed with the tool to chase them away - running!!!

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The power of exercise is well known by those who make a regular thing of it, especially the mental aspects. How many of us believed the "Get fit, feel happy" slogans? They seem so trite but are in fact spot on. I was just reading this morning about a trial into exercise as a form of treatment for prostate cancer. Unsurprisingly those who exercise do better after a diagnosis.

Many congratulations on your graduation. Running can change your life in so many ways, all for the good, as far as I can see.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Congrats on the graduation and Kudos to your husband (and you for listening 😉) for getting you out the door and started on this wonderful journey. I know, for myself, running has been a huge part of taking control of my chaotic life and helping with stress management and my own battles with my mental health. It is a great activity we can do at anytime, anywhere. The time in the immediate post graduation phase can be a difficult one with a lack of structure so my advice for you (and pretty much everyone at this stage) enjoy the 30 minute runs for what they are and focus on continuing with 3 weekly runs. They don't all have to be 30 minutes, but given how difficult the first 10 minutes can be, it is important to persevere and try to get past this stage at least. I find once I get to that stage, I can often go on to have a great run.

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Well done, a great achievement.🎓🏅🌟

You need to click on to the pinned post for December Graduation badges so that the badge fairies can get your badge to you.

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