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Easy run, difficult mood

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I've come to expect some mood lift from my runs, gentle and overall more stable mood but today was odd.

Ran for 9 minutes in total (W3) then added a bit on as I was enjoying it. I felt pleased with what I'd done especially as it was my first time running down a street. I'm usually on the canal towpath. So I was feeling more self conscious than usual and glanced and saw the reflection of a fat person in a car, only to realise it was me. So, although physically the run felt easy, mentally it was a challenge.

Later in the day I felt really low after a minor incident that shouldn't really have affected me.

Sorry to ramble on but does anyone else sometimes struggle after what seems like a good run?

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Hi Boaty, I have quickly found that there are many within this forum like us. I too am learning to look forward to the run but still struggling with the in between time. My black dog is always present in varying sizes, but I'm definitely finding that running helps to keep its antics manageable even if my mood is fluctuating. I'm just disappointed to learn that I am unlikely to lose weight on C25k! Let's just stick at it together and see how things go :)

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Boaty in reply to DIZZIC

Thanks for the support Dizzic, yes let's stick at it together, and who knows, we may both learn to love running :-) Good luck for your next run x

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EmmaSheila52 in reply to DIZZIC

You might not lose weight ( I eat everything insight after a run) but you will be fitter and change shape! Well done for starting, keep it slow & keep going both!

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Boaty in reply to EmmaSheila52

Thanks EmmaSheila52, I need to remember that, it's the shape that bothers me (bowling pin) so if I can change that the weight doesn't matter. Happy running!

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EmmaSheila52 in reply to Boaty

I'm still apple shaped, better than melon shape I was, still working on it after 18 months so persevere!

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Elfe5Graduate in reply to DIZZIC

Don't be disappointed- while running alone may not alter your weight, if you combine a healthy diet with C25K you certainly will.

I combine slimming world with C25K and have lost three quarters of a stone in the last 6&1/2 weeks and am really enjoying the benefits. Good luck 😃

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Boaty in reply to Elfe5

Thanks Elfe5 I rarely look in full length mirrors and it was just a shock as all my weight gain has been in the last 6 months. Good to hear you are doing it and enjoying it :-)

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Elfe5Graduate in reply to Boaty

Hmm, I really sympathise. Could you channel that shock into some fresh determination?

I timed a fresh start at SW ( being very careful like someone new to it) with C25K & that is working for me. Good luck, hope you can get 'in the zone'. 😁

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Boaty in reply to Elfe5

Thank you, it has made me more determined. I did the next run today and went to a yoga class tonight, much more positive. Glad it's working for you :-)

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Most people don't change until the pain of changing becomes less than the pain of staying as they are.

Those "saddo" moments I have just spur me on not to miss the next running days ;)

( I might still be a fat old basket - but I am a RUNNING FOB :)

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Boaty in reply to Irish-John

Thanks Irish-John, that helps, keep on running :-)

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You are doing such a positive thing for yourself, both mentally and physically, by undertaking couch to 5k. You should be very proud of yourself. Running has definitely helped with my mood and how I handle day-to-day life, but still, I have my down days, even after a run sometimes. But I still look forward to each and every run and it has become a new focus and passion in my life. Never saw that one coming!

Be patient and kind to yourself. Change, whether it is physical or mental, takes time. I have not lost any weight on this programme, but I feel leaner, firmer and my waist is smaller.

Keep doing what you are doing, cos you are doing great! 😘

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Boaty in reply to Sadie-runs

Thanks Sadie, you're right, funny how I can say similar things to other people but sometimes need to be reminded myself.

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I started this program on 16/8/17. I graduated 3 weeks ago.

I lost nothing for weeks when I started C25. After about 4 weeks I noticed my legs changing shape. Shame its blooming winter.....

Then about a month ago I went into freefall and lost about a stone. So keep healthy eating constant, keep running and cross your fingers.

I cant really see the change to my shape in the mirror, but my friends can.

I love my running.

Thanks Libby0 that's encouraging will follow your advice.

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