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Week 8 is over!

Good morning C25Kers. I know it was a frosty one today for most of you so while I certainly am glad I'm a gym bunny, I did think of you all as I was pounding the treadmill today.

Well, that's week 8 done! I pushed myself a bit today and did my fastest ever time (still slow compared to a lot of you I'm sure), but managed to hit 4km this 28 minutes on a 2.5% gradient so I'm quietly pleased with myself, especially since I still can't quite shake this cold.

Tonight I am cooking Thai food for 3 of my dearest friends (all of whom have a surname beginning with D, myself included, so at school we were known as the 4 D's) and their partners, and I will be having a deserved drink or two (or four).

Thank you so much to everyone as well who gave me fantastic suggestions for my nan to get me for Christmas. There's some good ideas in that post if anyone else needs some!

3 runs to go! 😱😱😱😱

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Hi there, running twin! Wk8 over for me now too; I've just got back after r3. Yes, it was definitely the coldest run so far with a few snow flurries here in Kent, but thankfully no ice. Headed out my new running hat and gloves but peeled them and my jacket off at around the half-way mark and feeling a positive glow from all the fresh air now I'm back at my desk. I think the elements usually look worse before you step outside into them. Good luck for the next three runs and enjoy celebrating with your friends tonight. See you in wk9 ...

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Good luck to you too! Glad you enjoyed your run. See you at the podium =)

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Very well done you...hope you get some lovely goodies at Christmas:)

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