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Week 3 and Graduation Day

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Today is my sons high school graduation prom. As a Brit living in Canada I am still somewhat bemused by all the fuss, expense, grad gowns, suits, flowers, photo sessions etc ( our eldest daughter graduated two years ago, and we really had no idea that time!). It's worse than a wedding I think and with 130 graduates at the school, the whole town seems to be turned upside down.

So, what was the first thing I did this morning ( after dispatching DH to work with strict instructions to be home at the appropriate time)? Did I wash my hair, paint my nails, iron shirts for the men, polish shoes? Nope. I put on a baseball cap ( to cover the fact I hadn't had my shower and washed my hair like I do every morning) and took off on my W3R3.

I did it. I'm slightly disappointed that it still felt hard, I had hoped it would seem easier than wednesdays run but it was the same.

What I really feel good about is that I want this badly enough to fit in even when life is doing everything to get in the way.

I plan to walk both days this weekend and then start week 4 on Monday. For now, however, I must go and try to turn myself into a bit of a girlie, girl (not my natural habitat). I'd rather go in running gear than a dress, but that's not going to happen. The things we do for our kids!!

Well done to all those finishing Week 3, see you all next week.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ˜±πŸ˜±

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Well done you... it is amazing how we manage to just sneak these runs in..but they are so good for us aren't they.

I know exactly what you men about running gear or a dress... my husband always comment... " Oh.. you're in girl clothes" :) when I dress up...:)

I do feel though it helps us cope with so many life-events and experiences,, i know it does me :)

I hope you had or are having a wonderful time and huge congratulations to your son... :)

BonkersbritGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Oldfloss, we all had a wonderful time. This weekend has been a bit of a blur hence my delay in responding. I still can't believe he is leaving home in a few months ( Engineering at a uni about 3.5 hours drive away) . I may need to go on some serious runs to get over that " empty bedroom experience". I still look into his sister's room and sigh. She been gone two years!

Thanks for all your posts, I love reading what everyone is doing. Can't wait to start week 4 tomorrow, hopefully on the boardwalk if the snow is gone.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Bonkersbrit

Sounds amazing.... and empty nest syndrome.. err... guess what.. they still come back :) x

BonkersbritGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I know, number one daughter is already back "temporarily" between courses!

This programme has that effect on you! Enjoy the festivities tonight.

BonkersbritGraduate in reply to useitorloseit

Thanks, we did! Safely back in comfy clothes, running shoes at the ready!


Enjoy the occasion and well done to your son.

Good luck with your runs!

BonkersbritGraduate in reply to Joy57

Thanks Joy57, he had a wonderful evening. And he is still strutting around like he owns the place ( most out of character). I wish I could just step out side and run 10-15 k with his Dad ,like he does, no training, no warm up, just go, but then I'm not 18 anymore I suppose. ( I still haven't come out to my family, am training in secret, but soon, I promise)

Joy57Graduate in reply to Bonkersbrit

That's great. It's a special time for him that he won't forget.

When I did c25k last year I told my husband what I was up to (I would drive to the next village where not many people know me and run round the park there in dark glasses 😎 - it was July) but I didn't tell my half marathon-running 24 year old daughter till about week 4 - and that was only because we were in a sports shop together and I bought a runner's water bottle!


You're doing well with the running. Congratulations to your son! I can relate. My son is graduating in June. I had to buy him a suit and will be getting girlied up as well. I hope you have fun and get some nice pictures.

BonkersbritGraduate in reply to Lavender1962

Thanks, yes we had a great time and took loads of photos, they even managed to get a few with me in girlie clothes( hate having my photo taken as much as I hate dresses!). I really can't wait to start week 4 tomorrow, hoping to go on boardwalk, will check out the snow again today on my walk (it's 17degrees C here today)

One of my favourite things about this forum is how many graduates still take the time to post, long after completing C25k to help us Newbies. ThankyouπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

useitorloseitGraduate in reply to Bonkersbrit

When my son had his GCSE ball, only the kids went - no parents invited! Coming up to sixth form leavers' ball this year (big sobs). Still no parents (good - wouldn't want to cramp his style!). He is very lucky - the school he goes to is built around Oliver Cromwell's family home (well one of them) and the sixth form occupy 'The House' and have their formal balls there. In my day, it was a ropey school disco either in the school hall or the rugby club in town. Patched jeans and cheesecloth tassled tops were the order of the day. How things have changed! It was a lot cheaper then though ....

BonkersbritGraduate in reply to useitorloseit

Don't worry they still get to hang out without us cramping their style here too. We only go to the formal prom bit 6-9ish on Friday. Then the grads without us go to " Safe Prom" , an alcohol free whirl of activities organized by parents from 11pm - 6am.

Then on Saturday night, the kids go Grad Tear - an alcohol laden, big bonfire, DJ and general high jinks in a gravel pit out of town, organized entirely by the graduates. Another all night affair!!

Having gone through education system in U.K. Thirty years ago, I am somewhat at a loss to understand it all.

And...he will still get up and run 10k tomorrow!!

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