W1 R3

Just finished run three from week one and still feeling good. Run two had felt easier than run one, but this one felt about the same as the first. I think I was hampered by the fact that it was warmer today, and I kind of fold up in the heat.

I may have to migrate to the treadmill in the air conditioned gym, or I might not be able to keep functioning!

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  • Well done for finishing the first week. I would definitely agree that the heat makes a difference. I really enjoyed running in the rain and find that the cool is more comfortable for running.

    Good luck with week two, and keep us posted. X

  • Thank you!

    Everyone has said that about the rain, so now I'm hoping it pours tomorrow! :-p

  • I agree, it was harder to run in the heat today, thinking i'm missing the rain!

    Keep going. good luck in week 2.

  • Everyone is saying that about running in the rain, so I will have a look out for my next run and hope it's rainy! :)

  • Much slower in the heat too, try running when it rains its so lovely!

  • I shall look forward to it raining then! :) I've avoided the bad weather so far.

  • I'm another running-in-the-rain convert! My top tip would be to get a cap to keep the rain out of your face. I honestly feel a bit down hearted if it looks sunny when I go for a run - give me the rain any day :) Good luck for w2, you'll be awesome!!

  • Ha ha... I am now hoping for rain! You all have convinced me!

    Thank you!

  • HEAT!!? Where?!! Not in the UK surely? :-)

    I am getting really concerned, did Weeks 1 to 8 indoors on treadmill but since then ALL my running has been in cool (even minus) temperatures and/or in the wet BUT my first 10k is at 11.30 on 17 June - and I have a feeling we will have a heatwave that day and I will just wilt!!!

  • Ha ha... I have VERY low tolerance to heat - my family jokingly calls me cold blooded. So, when everyone else is fine, I'm all "I FEEL AS IF I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT" and acting dramatic.

    Gosh, I will cross my fingers for you on the weather front! We're going to Florida on holiday, so I'm swapping to the treadmill when we're there because of this very thing!

  • Wow well done!! Im still smiling from run one ever! :D

  • Well done on that first run! I just keep kind of plugging along. I'm really enjoying having a set program tell me what to do! I actually schedule in the time to do them and treat it like just another appointment!

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