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Failed, Failed, Failed


W6R1 and first outside run, failed !!!!!!!

only managed first 5 min run then about 1 min of 8 min run and 2 min of last run.

I am so disapointed, I am unsure if its just harder to run outside (not on treadmill) or if I am just having bad day.

when on the treadmill I can see how much time I have left and it spurs me on but today it was really hard.

I think if I had run outside before I would have know that when I got to a certain point I would have so much time left if you get my drift.

Anyway really upset


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You haven't failed as you went out and gave it a try! I've not run on a treadmill but do know from other comments that it is very different. It may be a combination of different and a bad run. Also you may have gone of too fast so make sure you slow right can always speed up at the end of each run if you have anything left to give. Draw a line under it and give it another go. Good luck!

slimtaGraduate in reply to AliB1

thanks, if I slow down any more I will stop ha ha


I found it very much harder trying to run outside and decided to at least do the programme on the treadmill then learn again outside when i know I can do it.

Having said that I was gutted and depressed after w6r1 yesterday and have moped about all day until I could stand it no longer and went out and did r2. Now feel so much better about finishing the programme. I think its something to do with the walking interuption after doing the straight 20 minutes.

slimtaGraduate in reply to glendam52

did you do run 2 outside or on the treadmill?


No fail! No fail! No fail! - believe me you have done fantastically well and were out there. I don't know where you are, but the weather is horrid and doesn't help much especially if you have been used to being indoors.

I have had to change some of my routes as I progress and run out of space! But that keeps you going and gives you something else to think about when getting tired.

Hang on in there .... you can do it!!


I struggled on W6 and I know from these blogs, that many find it hard after W5R3. You have done brilliantly so far so dont be too despondent. I agree with AliB1, - slowing down has really helped me and I feel more able to cover the distance and build up stamina. Good luck! :)


so do you all think I should do w6r1 again until complete or move on to w6r2?


First, you did not fail. Running outdoors is very different than running on a treadmill. The treadmill offers some assistance with your steps, because it is moving also. This is not the case with the ground. It is stagnant, and you use only your own strength to move forward. Another thing, is that most treadmills have a cushion on bounce in the running pad, and most ground surfaces are hard. So, you will feel more impact on your joints, particularly you knees and ankles. All these conditions are different to your normal training, and the changes can be off-putting.

I suggest that you re-do W6R1 on your treadmill so that you will have accomplished it in a manner that you are used to. If you want to start training outside, you may want to do Week 1 or 2 on your rest days, but don't run, just walk as fast as you can during the entire session. This will help you acclimate and prepare for your transition to running outside.


No I always run on the treadmill at the moment I think I have trouble pacing myself and the harder surface affects my knees.


I find that I have to consciously slow down when I run outside and I do run a bit slower - but I wouldn't say its 'harder' - just different. I think its highly likely that its a combination of a bad day (we all have them) and it being the dreaded W6R1 - that darned run is ingrained on my brain!

What are you using to run with - do you have a smart phone that you can use for the times and your pace? That's the thing I miss outside so I use an app on my phone. It will get easier, the outside scared me and I put it off for ages, but I've found I can run just as far, just not quite as fast :-) (but we're only talking about.5kph slower here... not massively)

Chin up - no fails, just naff runs sometimes :-)


week 6 run 1 was probably my hardest run. you think you can do anything after running solidly for 20mins on week 5 then bang, back to intervals.

I found running outside very hard as well to start with. I gave up & continued the plan on a treadmill then ventured outside with my children as they did c25k, making sure that one run a week was done outside until week 5 where the runs change. (we have a treadmill at home)

give it another go. my problem was I ran too fast, & although you say you are at snails pace, you probably didnt realise but ran too fast aswell.

good luck with the rest of the plan. Im sure that you will be able to get through & just treat this run as a bad one ~ we all get them from time to time.


You sound like you are doing great to me who is a struggling week oner! :) x


I am like you, I like to see the time ticking away because it keeps me going. I 'failed' a run in week 5 and felt awful. After that I started wearing a digital watch with a stop watch on it. I start it but try not to look at it until the doubts start creeping in. A quick glance at the watch is usually a pleasant surprise and helps a lot.

Many people have trouble with the week 6 runs when they have done 20 mins and then have to run/walk again. It spoils your rhythm. Don't be disheartened next time you will probably be fine indoors or out. Good luck!

Hi. I agree outside run is much different to treadmill. When I run outside I listen to music that keeps me going along with the commentary and half time Bell. Also try and change your mindset so you don’t think about time and think about something else positive such as how well you are doing and how proud you will be of yourself when you finish. . The time will soon go quick.

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