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W6R3 Bit of a wobble ... comfortable or just surviving?

Hello everyone,

This is my first post, but I confess I have been lurking for some time (so thank you for all the support and encouragement I have already felt from this forum!)

So here goes with my question: on Sunday I did W6R3, and I am not sure whether I am jubilant or disappointed. I have run in the past, but not in the last few years, so I know that my body likes to run and I have felt pretty comfortable and confident with the program so far. However, Sunday was a different beast - ie it was really tough and my confidence is wavering a bit.

The facts are that a bit of a minor domestic crisis meant that I didn't get out early as I normally would. By the time I left home it was mid morning and very hot and humid (can you tell I don't live in the UK!). I probably hadn't drunk enough, and I had to do a different route which is even more hilly than usual.

I managed to do the run, but it was a real struggle. Now I am not sure whether I should just repeat this run 3 times for this week (so I know I can do it comfortably) or whether just having survived the run is enough for moving on to week 7 (next run is tomorrow morning, Sydney time). I am probably over-thinking things, but I have put my absolute faith in Laura, so I feel like my wobble is a bit of a betrayal ... and I am just not sure what it's best to do.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


P.S. little Week 6 funny story for those of you who use the podcasts - I genuinely thought Laura was having a bit of a laugh putting in a song with the lyrics "so wheezy, so wheezy" ... but it finally twigged on Sunday that I had misheard!

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You did the run. Move on. And feel good about finishing it. It was more humid, hot and hilly than you are used to. And you hadn't drunk enough. Hmm, now, I wonder why it might have been a bit harder.

Feel proud you went out despite the heat and even more proud you managed the run.


As SCB1 says, you did the run. Not all successful runs will be enjoyable or comfortable, part of the process (in my view a very big part of the process) is learning not to be thrown by that.

You have already identified a number of factors which may have fed into it being like this which all make sense, but sometimes it just happens. Keep the faith in Laura!

You did a great job out there.


And the good news is that all 3 runs in week 7 are the same as W6R3 (25 mins of running) so no need to repeat anything!).


Lol! I love the mis- hear! I'm sure there is another set of Laura lyrics coming up that I thought was strange- you'll have to spot them!

I think you explained perfectly why your run was harder than usual. Change in heat/ humidity makes such a difference.

I was cycling while visiting family in the US this summer and was caught out in a similar way ( without the hills), - it was later and hotter - what a difference! I nearly wilted! The next day I was back to my usual time, temperature and self. 😃


Agree with the others - you did the run and that's enough. More importantly perhaps, not only did you do it but you re-enforced some valuable lessons about proper hydration and sticking it out when the going gets a bit tougher. No run, however 'bad' it feels, is wasted.

Best of luck with the rest of the programme, I'm sure you'll ace it!


Hydration, family crisis, weather conditions.,........,you mention them all and they can all affect you.

I always say that everything in your life can impact your running and that your running can impact just about everything in your life.

Move on. You will be fine.


Thank you everyone for your speedy, supportive and encouraging replies. I will head out (early) tomorrow with the confidence to give it my best shot!


Definitely don’t dwell move on your body is capable you just need to believe you can do it and you will. Good luck you’ll smash it 😀


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