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Evening runs - just a quick blog

Not sure if this is just me getting used to the running or not, but this is run 2 of week 7 and since changing to the evenings it seems a bit easier.

The legs are not hurting so much and I am recovering quicker. I have even cut down to one puff on my inhaler before the run and can still breath!!!

One more run to do on Friday and then in to week 8. I could even up the pace for the last minute as Laura suggested (not that the pace was that fast in the first place)

I will see if this is still the case on Friday.

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Well done!! The programme is doing its stuff!! Enjoy the sunny evenings at long last! :-)


Real marks of progress there! Keep going - not long to graduation now! :O :)


Fantastic that things seem to be slotting in to place now!!

Brilliant stuff- keep the positiveness going for your next runs and we'll be celebrating your graduation!

Good luck and keep running!!



You give me hope that I too can get to week seven and great news about the inhaler I myself am still on two puffs. It's whatever gets you through the ruin I say can only be good for s. glad to hear you are settling into running I worry it won't ever feel natural. Keep up the good work


I love evening runs, nice wind down at the end of the day and knowing I can get back on the couch when i've finished ha ha! Nice to have a rest that is well deserved! I'm on week 7 too!


I seem to run better in the evening than I do in the morning, in fact my morning runs have been pigs! I love that I get home from work, go for a run while a friends looks after my two year old and then have a shower, dinner and RELAX! I'm still on two puffs of my inhaler but may be brave and cut it down to 1 when I get to W7 next week :)


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