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w6r3 in the bag ... officially a runner?


week 6 run three done in the heat of a july evening, must have been mad. laura said it was time to go and I made a massive schoolboy error and started too quick, I tried to reign myself in and made it round without stopping but I didn't feel as though it was one of my best efforts. laura says I am now officially a runner ... I am not entirely sure about that statement just yet ... runner no ... womble jogger most definitely

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yes you are a runner, Laura said so, and we don't doubt our Laura! Congratulations, you runner you!

womblejoggerGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

no we don't doubt Laura do we , lol


You are a runner.. :) Well done... Laura knows what she is doing :)

womblejoggerGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

thanks oldfloss, was a really hard run, carrying around the extra weight doesn't help and its starting to show now i am doing the longer runs

Take pride in your achievements! You are a runner!!! Well done. Now just start believing :)

womblejoggerGraduate in reply to agedsnailspace

i believe i believe i believe hang on that sounds like an excerpt from peter pan , lol


You're doing great. Trust in Laura, she has been on every run with you so knows how well you are doing runner!

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