Having a bit of a wobble

Not sure why but I seem to be struggling a bit over the last couple of days, I have completed the runs ok, they are still hard work but I am not collapsing at then end of them, but my confidence seems to have taken a bit of a dive.  I have gone from thinking "yes I can do this" to "who do I think I am kidding, I'm 49, too old to be starting this running lark", legs feel really heavy today and due to do 15 mins continuous running tonight.  Just the gremlins I have heard so much about I imagine but wish they would p**s off and leave me with my positive thoughts. 


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24 Replies

  • A very good piece of advice I  heard was, if your brain and your heart are having an argument keep out of it 😄

    I started this at 49, I'm 52 now, personally, I'd call it wobbling, and wobble I can , it took me nearly a year to graduate, I go out for a 'wobble' twice a week.  Give yourself a break, go out with no set goal, run/jog/wobble just for the joy of being able to do it, just listen to tunes, or the sounds of the world outside, relax, breath deeply. 

    You can do it, you're not too old, (there are 80 year olds at my local park run) you are fabulous and beautiful

    You rock girly!


  • Reply to your reply! I'm the only one in the 80+ category in my Parkrun and so have no-one to compare my times with. If you could give me some data from the Parkrun report for one of your runs, that would be helpful (or not if your OAPs are faster). 

  • Hi Austen, well, there is a lady in 75-79 age group (she's 78)  is the age grade record holder for park run UK, her PB is 26.15, last run 28.06, her age grade for this run was 92%, I must stress she is a life long runner and eats cross country for breakfast! 

    Two men, both in the 80-84 age group, pb's of 26.47 and 27.30, last runs, 35.02 and 30.15, achieving 65 and 69% in the age grading, are both very experienced, one is a triathlete

    I am just cracking 35 minutes, with a best age grade so far of 49%, I will be very happy to hit 50%, I think you have to into account experience etc., so don't be too hard on yourself! I Would love to still be running in my eighties, stuff the time! You're out there doing it and that is so cool! More power to you.


  • I'm not sure that I should have asked, but I will comfort myself that they are experienced runners. I followed the customary path of C25K - never run since school (reluctantly), started last May, first Parkrun in October. PB is 39 min plus but usual is just over 40 min (if honest, over 41 min). No real improvement though I try. I do run 30-40 min at least once during the week.

  • I bet there are 20 year olds that wouldn't be able to keep up with you! I hated PE at school, and only started C25K as per story above, I have no desire to be a racing snake, I rejoice in what I can do, there are plenty in my age group who are much faster than me, who cares? I don't.

    Keep running, keep smiling 😄


  • Hi. It must be something about being 49. I too am at that magic age and graduated just before Easter. I can honestly say that C25K is one of the best things I've done for myself. It has taught me so much and not just about running but about me and what I can accomplish and yes you can do it, there are times it is difficult and I've wanted to throw the towel in but keep going you can do it. 

  • That's  the biggest problem you young people have - you think that you are old!!!!! :) 

  • The thing about Gremlins is that they can't run at all. That's why they dn't want you to. But as soon as you start, they get left behind.

  • Hi I really empathise with how you describe your feelings about running. I am 55 only started c25k late last year and graduated in Feb. I too have days feeling like I'm invincible then others where I think 'don't be ridiculous starting running at your age'! However, when my legs ache afterwards and I've completed a run even with a few stops I focus on the positives and think .... I've got off the couch, I'm fitter and healthier than I've been for many years, Im toning up and losing weight and finally there's younger people out there who couldn't run as far as me! What's not to like!, keep up your running, enjoy it and forget about being 49 it's only a number x

  • I used to tell myself (rarely have to now) "You don't have to do this if you don't want to" Letting go of oughts and shoulds can be perversely liberating. I often still tell myself "Oh I feel rubbish, I'm only going to do X minutes" And then I am happy when I achieve that goal but more often even happier because I've done 5, 10 or 15 more.

    You are having some very normal feelings... but they are just feelings, they probably don't mean anything in particular and are certainly not a guide to action. 

    Sometimes though, these feelings precede a great positive leap forward. You may surprise yourself tonight, take it gently.

  • Thanks so much for all your lovely encouraging comments, hopefully after going out tonight I will have regained my mojo and feel proud of what I have achieved so far. You are all right, age is just and number and doesn't matter, I just need to keep on keeping on as the song says and I will be fab and fit at 50!

  • Good for you. I'm 49 this month and agree it's only a number too and we will  conquer this running ! Everything we do is better than the nothing we did before! 

  • Very true, wish I had started years ago, but never mind I have started now!

  • Better late than never. Or so I hope. I'm still aching after yesterday and wondering if I will cope tomorrow 

  • You will, we can do this!

  • I'm going to try anyway. won't be till after work tomorrow  so still 23 hours to recover! 

  • Did it! And enjoyed it! It was even sunny! (But cold and windy) didn't take my gloves though!!

  • Wobble!  Did somebody call?  

    Of course you blummin well will!  49 is young!  Baz is quite right!  I am 58, started running at 56 for the first time ever, and now I feel EPIC!    OK I might not have this morning when I was slogging up a ruddy gert hill, but I feel brill now.

    Get over this too old business!  I felt like an old frump!  Looked like one anorl. Fat, wobbly, unfit lump. Found running at my fat class and never looked back.  Running is the best thing for helping to ditch the lard and get fit.  Running in races is the maddest thing you'll ever do.  I had a moment of self-doubt, critically during a 10 k race. Asking myself, as you are now, "who do you think you're kidding".  I had that only for a second though as I banished it from my mind as I was having such bloody good fun. I can guarantee you that there are many, many millions of runners much older than you, all out there giving it large and living life to the full and not giving a stuff about being 49, 59 or 99. Indeed Mr Marathon Man himself celebrated his 105th birthday the other day (see Rig's post)

    So, come on. Let the good times roll! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!  

  • Cheers misswobble you have made cheered me right up.  Going to embrace up-coming big birthday (next month) full on and have it large!  Will run towards it arms outstretched and with a big stupid grin on my face. 

  •  Hey builtforcomfort.. also 49. And I am not having any of that talk!! You hear? We can do this.. we can ..honestly.. you just have to fight till it gets a bit easier..and it will.. one day soon.. you will go out..run and have a really good day.. and you will get that confidence back again.. just think..you may even have the c25k graduation to celebrate along with your Birthday! :) 

  • 49!  I started running last May, my wife is currently doing c25k at w3r1, and I've just been out with her this morning, we are 61! Well done! Keep on going!

  • Will be 53 this year. Started C25K in Sept 2014 after having half of left lung removed due to benign tumour.  Graduated Nov 2014. Currently running 3 times per week. 35 mins tuesday and thursday at 6am, and 18km on Sundays.  No I don't think you are too old.  Ill health may prevent you from running, but not age, and running stands a good chance of improving your health.

  • Thanks, I actually feel fitter now than I have done for years, probably helped by losing a couple of stone too.  You have done so well to come back from your health problems and be running distances like that, very inspiring!

  • Yes loosing some weight can really make you feel a lot fitter.  I'm certain that it has helped my running.  And the running helps a little in losing weight too :)

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