Running 1x per week and finishing C25K? Possible or not?

Do you think it is possible to do / finish the programme with running only once a week?

I know, I know. Once is more then none. I should build a habit of more regular running, but I think I'm a bear and I'm falling asleep for winter. I will keep pushing to have it at 2x per week level, but was wondering if 1x a week is enough to progress...


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34 Replies

  • Not sure if it’s possible or not but if you are anything like me once you start it becomes quite addictive and I have found that I have more energy so I am finding/making the time.

    Tend to enjoy early mornings so the alarm is set 30mins earlier on run days than normal.

  • I know I managed to get to week 7 over the last (ekhm...) year. Morning runs are amazing, but waking up during winter at 5.30am is bit too much for me. Last few weeks were very busy for me and it looks that at least 4 more weeks will not give me much ease. Being mentally and emotionally exhausted, with back pain (in process o healing with help of chiropractor), not having much power left, and having in my head all of the housework (incl cooking), well... It's just hard for me to do it more often. Even if I know that I will feel much better afterwards. But it means I won't do something else that I should / supposed to / want do.

  • Yes, sometimes it is hard to get up at 5.30am.

    Is this more about priorities then?

    Not saying you can do these things but...

    - run at lunchtime

    - run to work

    - run from work

    - make food in a batch and freeze it so on a run day you just have to heat it.

    - (not ideal but) some good pre-prepped food a night a week on run day.

    - prepare something that can be cooked in a slow cooker the day before a run.

    Just ideas.

  • Thank you for handful of ideas. As soon as I have a new fridge (with freezer), I plan on prepin and freezing ready to go meals.

    Those weeks my priorities shifted a little, as some big/important party is coming up, some wedding planning had to be made, and bunch of few already postponed things.

  • I think it's possible but with running only once a week your body doesn't get a chance to build stamina and strength so that by the time the next run comes you're having to work doubly hard (again!). You probably risk a higher risk of injury too just because you're not running enough to develop running legs.

    Could you do other exercise? Cycling, swimming, weights, rowing, etc? If you managed say two sessions of "other" exercise and one run then you'd be in better shape to cope with the run but really it would be simpler to just run!

    What exactly is holding you back?

  • I thought the same..possible but not sensible maybe ?

  • It's about fitting this 45-60min (warm-up, run, cool-down, stretch, shower) in my day when I still have power at least to stand.

    I will do my best to schedule two runs.

  • When I started C25K I ran once or twice a week. But running can become quite addictive and I now find I will fit in three runs a week even if it means moving other things around a bit

  • I tend to think along the same lines as Irishprincess .. also, wondering... if you are feeling, sleepy/sluggish/overtired... maybe get a check up?

    We are not medical experts, but I would be wondering, why I was feeling so very, very tired, especially when the running is so invigorating?

    I know in your reply, you say you have a lot to do, but the runs could help with that, and with your mental exhaustion too. They just need to become part of your week..steady and slow.

    As IP says, you are running a risk of injury and maybe take some tips from Javert too. When I worked full time, and had five more folk to look after too, I had to be so organised, but it worked:)

    Back pain is very wearing, and just maybe, you need to concentrate on your exercises from your chiropractor or do some non impact other exercise like swimming until you feel stronger.

  • I am in process of various checks. I think my work is sucking a lot out of me (I'm looking for new one). Moreover, lack of constant schedule, as my partner has a lot of business trips of various length, destinations, days of week/month, is not helping either.

    I hope I'll be able to run twice a week, it may just be in 2-4 weeks, and I want to keep running until then. My chiropractor told me to wait with exercises for couple of weeks, this Friday I'll ask specifically about running.

  • Mmm I was going to do a C25K appeal, asking where you were, but you’ve done it yourself anyway... I would say it’s doable, but probably not great because of the time gap, but I ain’t no fitness expert. I know you suffer a lot with the back issue and maybe it’s better to focus on fixing that if possible, to give yourself the best chance of running without pain. Although of course if it’s a chronic condition, that may not be doable. Could you sneak in a mini run alongside, maybe not the full 30 Minutes programme, but say 5 mins warm up and down walking with a 10 minute run to keep your hand/ legs in?

    Don’t lose heart ninja, but take some time to think about making it work with say 2 runs and not the three. I would worry about you injuring yourself especially with the longer intervals coming up in W7 and beyond.

    Can your partner help with the workload to free up one extra session? I know it’s hard when you work long hours and your partner is away or doing different hours, but for both of you one being exhausted can’t be much fun.

    I feel for you lots, and hope you can find your inner ninja again..

    Big hugs

    J x

  • My partner will be on business trips for next 3-4 weeks with maybe some weekends at home, but not sure. That's why all house / chores / dog walking / cooking is only on my head for upcoming weeks. I tried running 2x per week, but last 2 (3?) weeks showed me how much I struggle with all the other stuff going on right now.

  • Oh blimey oh Riley you are loaded up then....

  • My inner ninja is somewhere there and my ninja heart is definitely still in place ;)

    Stupid exhaustion won't take away my heart and hope ;)

  • That’s the spirit, keep plugging away, just be extra careful when running the longer intervals... go like a slow ninja!

  • Mutant Ninja Turtle!!!!

  • It's possible. It will take ages because each C25k week will take 3 weeks. But you will get there in the end and when you get the running bug you will want to do more than one a week.

  • Now I never thought I would say this but...Have you considered getting a treadmill?

  • Maybe an idea!

  • Oh no, no way. A) money, B) space, C) I don't want to. If I would find time / power to run on treadmill, I can also run outside ;)

    But thanks for idea and trying to find a solution :* Really appreciate all ideas / help / cheering / response!

  • Hey IgaT. Wish I could offer more than words to help. At least you are getting help for your back, and I really hope that improves. Maybe you would benefit further from a check up, too, if you are really tired. Have you got someone near you who can help walk the dog, maybe share a meal? x

  • Thank you for 'words of help', they mean world to me right now.

    I'm under 'investigation', as I mentioned before, I'm probably exhausted because of work & house being only on my head + irregular schedule die to my partner trips. I'm working on improving stuff, but it's a slow process.

  • I think slow improvement is the best way to make it stick, whatever context the 'improvement' is in :)

    I am glad you are being checked out and not just for your back - I am sure you must have mentioned it before but I didn't remember. Of course it's most important to look after yourself.

    It sounds like you might have a bit more time in a few weeks then, especially after your partner is back? And maybe a change from your job? A light at the end of the tunnel? After christmas the days get longer too! Hang in there.

    Oh and ... I don't suppose you and the lovely sounding canine would want to use BorrowMyDoggy or something? I know a few people who want to have dogs in their lives but can't so they are more than happy to take others for walks! I'm not sure how it works or if it would be for you, but just throwing in another suggestion.

  • Thank you :)

    I hope my overall situation improve before Christmas. With new job... it may take some more time. I hope most of small additional tasks will be over and I'll gain back control over my schedule.

    I like walking my furry love. I hope in couple of weeks I'll have more time to give her longer walks and then take her for some runs with me ;)

    I think positive for close future. It's now that I got a bit stuck and was wondering if I can continue C25K even if it's only once a week.

  • I noticed in your bio it says that you walk to dog every day. Turn this into a run every other day instead?

  • Thank you for idea. I had that one before. I tried. It's not so easy with my overoptimistic, hyperenergetic furry love. It requires a lot of dynamic exercises for her before (min 30-40min followed by a drink). Recently, I barely have power for 20min walk with her. So after 30-40min walk followed by 30min run, I wouldn't do most of the things on my to-do list - I tried it. Only once I managed to complete all things, but the next day I was in such a bad condition due to overloaded previous day.

    I'll try to figure out something, probably during my today's run. Hopefully

  • Well, first and foremost, take care of yourself. This programme is challenging, but it shouldn't throw you into a state of exhaustion.

  • Thanks :) It's not the programme that makes me exhausted, so no need to worry about that part :)

  • Have you considered cloning? That way you could go running, while the other IgaT does all the mundane stuff. :D

  • What an excellent idea! Let's do that! I'm sure with you guys (&gals) we can figure it out quickly and it'll all be fine ;)

    Cloning 3x please ;)

  • If you have gotten to week 7 - you only have 6 more runs to do - or, did you get to week 7 and stop?

  • I did my last run (W6R3) last Wednesday. But my journey to week 7 was very long with several breaks, several repetitions, and twice starting all over from week 1.

  • I have no advice. Except that I think I am a bear too :)

  • Yesterday after not so bad day at work, my organism was insistin that 6pm was late enough just to go to sleep O_O I kept on doing what I had to do with a lot of yawning and very little thinking.

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