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Week 6 Run 3 - no idea if I've done it or not!!

Rats! App fail!

After the first 5 minute announcement from Laura I think the app died. The music carried on so I didn't realise, but I kept thinking 'it must be another 5 minutes now, oh maybe the next announcement is at 10 minutes' , but still nothing. Finally got the phone out and realised the app had died!

Anyway I trotted on for as long as humanly possible which I think (hope!) was about 5 mins longer than the 20 minute run in week 5.

I'm mainly miffed cos I was looking forward to being told 'you're a runner now!'

I'll do this run once more, but will make sure I know what time I set off just in case it happens again.

Other than that, it was a great run :-)

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It is probably worth redoing just to hear Laura say those magic words :). But well done on completing week 6.


Well done you, good work!

I've been told the C25K podcasts are more reliable than the app? I used the podcasts and never had any probs...happy running;-)


Got to go with Caroline. The podcasts are really reliable as long as you have enough battery. I'd redo it as the words mean so much


aaaaaargh the app!!! used it for 1 week realised it was doubling all the times , stick with the podcasts :D


I've just done this run today and exactly the same thing happened to me! Laura said 'you've been running for 5 mins' and then disappeared. Must be a problem with that one I think! I normally use the podcast and have never had any problems but I wanted to use my own music this time.


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