W7R3 struggle

After a super R2 today was the complete opposite. :(

The fact that I really didn't feel like running today but forced myself to do so, was probably the reason. Combined with awkward members of the public that either wouldn't step to the side a bit or deliberately changed to the side of the path I was on so I had to reroute. The run really wasn't comfortable (I wasn't in pain or anything ) so it was a real fight to keep going and I really didn't have anything left in me to up the pace for the last minute like I have done before.

Maybe I should have had an extra rest day to see if I was in a better frame of mind tomorrow but I'm really worried about slipping out of the habit of going out to run if I don't go on the day I said I would. It would be so easy for me to start thinking 'nah I won't bother today' and that day would quickly become a week or more then I'd be right back to square one.

Does anyone else get that feeling or is it just me?


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8 Replies

  • Yes, we know that feeling, you're not the only one.. you have to keep going and go through it, try not to overthink it, just do it!😊

  • Yeh happens to us all but just push yourself and remember how great it feels after and run because You can 👍👏🏃‍♀️

  • I struggled with W7R2, after finding R1 surprisingly easy. I think it depends on so many factors, but it didn't help that I left 5 days between runs. I am feeling more positive for R3 tomorrow night. I do tend to run late in the evening (after 9pm) to avoid pedestrians etc., and find it easier than running in daylight.

  • I don't have any night running gear yet so go about 9.30 am after the school run people have gone. The paths are usually clear at that time but for some reason there were a lot of people abou today.....might be the time of year , everyone heading to the shops.

    Didn't feel great after today's run but hopefully I'll have a more positive attitude on Thursday for the start of W8.

  • Some runs will always be difficult. The real important factor is that you finished it, rather than letting it finish you.

    It may not have felt as good as the last run, but you should be proud of yourself for that one. That is the one where you had to dig deep and prove your mettle.

  • I never thought about it that way. Thanks :) will try to remember that when I have another difficult run

  • Ugh some people are annoying. I'm fairly sure someone deliberately blew cigarette smoke on me earlier! Had to stop and take my inhaler. That aside, well done for going. I agree that "ill go tomorrow" can be a slippery slope (unless ill or injured, then listen to your body!). They wont all be easy but the important thing is you did it. And if you can run feeling like that whilst playing pedestrian slalom, imagine how much better itll be next time :)

  • Thank you. Smokers ruin my run a bit too as I have a tendency to hold my breath as I pass them.....not good when you're needing all the air you can get!

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