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Week 8 run1 has nearly defeated me

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... Did it but feel so so tired, I'm noticing I seem to need 2 rest days now. It seems impossible to think I could do it again at this moment. Also with the longer runs I am needing to incorporate a hill which so far I've been avoiding. I tried it just a tiny bit today and it was much much harder straight away. Hmmm. Sore calves mean I'm trying to do more stretching before going out. Lots to think about now, bit scared to be honest. I love reading all the posts, kerps it all going!

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I think it's entirely normal to need extra rest when you've been testing your limits. Don't worry about having two days off. If you need 3 it really doesn't matter. You'll find that as you increase your distance / time, you'll gradually get used to it. Keep the faith, you're doing really well. 👍👍👍

Thanks, that's helpful. I guess it's beginning to get real about life after the podcasts, and trying to think about routes...

Hi Marygord,😊Well done for getting to Week 8..You are doing brilliantly..

Taking extra rest days is fine and quite normal now the runs are getting longer. Make sure you do your stretches after your run after the warm down walk while your muscles are still warm. Also try heel drops and toe lifts on the bottom stair or a step. Stand as if you were going up with your heels overhanging the step. Just gently lift up onto your toes..hold...then down to level, then gently lower your heels just a bit..hold, then back to level. Repeat a few times. Its a good stretch to help with stiff calves.

Good luck 😊xx

Ah yes good one to remember on the steps. I haven't been doing the stretches after the run yet,only before.


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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Marygord

Well done, you did it.

Static stretching is inadvisable before a run, keep them for post run, when muscles are warm and supple.

Pre run stretching should be dynamic, such a lunges.

Take extra rest days if you need them.

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I seem to remember this is the week, when the tiredness hit too! And I realized I was doing 4 runs in one week. Just because I felt good and wanted to stick to the programme with just the one day off ! So you are not alone. I took an extra day during that week, then got by to normal pretty quickly !! Well done and keep doing !! You got this !!! 💪👍😺

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I also found I sometimes need an extra rest day. I guess the longer running times are more strenuous on our body. I found doing more stretching and warming up before setting off helped. Well done for completing this run. It’s a tough one. Good luck with your next run. 😀

You’re doing so well, if I had my time again I’d have taken an extra day during the latter runs of the programme. Cumulatively I felt the effects just that little bit more, and so if you feel you need 2 days rest, then take them. You know your bod best. Well done you, graduation is in sight

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I find that since week 6 I am better after 2 days rest. I tried week 8 run3 on Tues after only one day rest as I was going to be travelling the next day and then jet lagged forever😉 I am just about to try it again and came here for motivation as things have conspired against me and it’s a full week since my last really good run 🤞🏻🤞🏻

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Extra day or days is fine, there’s no rule book! 😜

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Hi Marygord,

A lot of good people have already told you about the importance of static stretching after running, so I'm not going to repeat the advice... I am finishing the programme this week and I did experience some tension in the my calves like you but mostly over the first weeks. It did get better after week 4 and now it's alright but I spend 20 mns on stretching (make sure you breathe well: a good stretch requires a good slow inspiration/expiration and with each you try and stretch a little further) after each run. You can also do the streching after your bath/shower: they work better when your body is relaxed and rehydrated (some waters, high in minerals, are better than others if you are prone to cramps: try to get a glass before you go running).

I did take two or three days between runs because of work and other activities, just making sure I run three times within 7-8 days. It's advisable if you feel your muscles are tired. But make sure you keep a slow pace and breathe well during the runs. And perhaps try and avoid the hill for the moment?

Good luck: you will make it, no doubt! Take your time...

I'm in the same situation week eight run 3 , found the longer runs much harder . Keep going just remember how far you've come .

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Don't know how anyone else tackles hills but I try not to look more than a few feet in from of me so that i don't see the whole hill stretching out in front of me. Mind games :)

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