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Week 8 - Nearly there but struggling.

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Started week 8 yesterday and I managed the whole 28mins but it wasn't easy. It's a constant mental battle to keep going and I feel so unfit and slow :(

I only covered 4k so I won't be covering 5k in 30 mins by next week. I know I'm still managing to do it and that's the main thing but I want to go faster. Only I don't think I can push myself any harder.

I have 4 weeks after I finish C25K before my 5k race and I really want to do it in 30min, will I be able to improve my pace in that time?

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In 24 runs (approx) you have gone from 1 minute to 30 WOW - well done, well done, well done...... Your working so hard towards your goal, yes you will make it, your so nearly there already........

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4k? 28 minutes? How's that either slow or unfit Rose?

The extra K will come sure as eggs is eggs so long as you keep at it. Don't worry about it for now do 5k in whatever time it takes for the next few weeks and you will find slowly but surely it gets a bit easier as you get used to running it.

You will likely also find being in the race pulls you along a touch faster as well.

You're doing fine and right on track!

Something my (keen runner) brother said this week "The first challenge when you start running is persuading yourself that you can run. After that the only challenge is persuading yourself that you have more than one pace!"

I'm running 4.1km in 30 mins but I'm sure I can improve on that with interval training and by running 5k - I just need to consolidate where I am now, in the first place before I go up a gear and run a little faster. I think cardio capacity builds up more quickly than muscles do, so I have the stamina part sorted, just not quite the speed.

I'm assuming from your name that you're a woman, I do think it's easier for men to go that full distance because they start off with more muscle. It's more of an achievement for us - but we can get there :)

Hi rose,

I am on w8r2 and running 4k in the 28mins. I am finding just completeing 28mins at that pace is hard enoguh without trying to go faster quite yet, 1 thing at a time x

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I'm on week 9 and extended my running time earlier this week to try and cover the 5k - got to 40 mins but still about 200m short of the 5k. If I do the Sport Relief 3 miles in 45 mins or less I shall be a very happy bunny! So you're doing a huge amount better than me, Rose - but maybe you're feeling it's a struggle precisely because you're taking it a bit too fast for now? I tried to speed up a couple of weeks ago and suddenly all the joy went out of it, so I'm just concentrating on doing the distance for now, and the speed can come later when I can play with intervals, hills and a parkrun here and there. I think the programme has misled a few people as there are comments similar to yours on this forum - it should really be called 'couch to 30 mins' as not many folk seem to get to 5k by the end of week 9!

Hi Rose, I finished c25k and few weeks ago and last week I managed 5k in 37 minutes. I also feel like I am really slow, and the mental battle is sometimes unbearable. You will get there - you just have to keep plodding on!

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You are doing really well! I've just finished (first run post graduation tomorrow) and I'm only doing around 4k. Remember how far you have already come..you will reach 5k very soon!!!!!

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Thank you so much for all your encouragement it's made me feel much better, I don't know what I'd do without this place to keep me going!

I'm so glad that most of you at my stage seem to be in the same boat. I think I'm just getting down on myself because I used to be a really fit person a few years back (although never a runner) and I'm not getting it into my head that it will take some time to build that up again.

I have no doubts that I will manage the 5k soon and I'm just going to concentrate on getting to the 30mins and then see how it goes from there. :)

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Wow! You're way better than me! Slow? no way! Keep it up, you will get there :)

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You're doing really well; don't beat yourself up about it. Just keep at it & you'll be fine.

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Rose885, you are doing so well! I just wrote a post moaning about not being able to do more than 3k in 28 min. I would be on top of the world if I could cover what you do 😀! Keep going 💪

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i started week 8 this morning,settled myself into a slow rhythm ..frustrated when I got home that I am not covering the distance..then looked back at the early weeks..so pleased with how far I have come...Perhaps its best just to concentrate on the running time not the distance at the moment. XX

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