Recurring stitch

I had a really painful stitch in my W9R3 run and kept going as I was nearly at the end and it was my second attempt at the run. It was so painful I thought I'd ruptured something but it did pass and I carried on. Now every time I run I get a stitch about the 20-25 minute mark in exactly the same place. I can also feel a bit of pain/ache in that area at all times. I rested for a few days (missed one run) after it happened again. Has anyone else experienced this? Will it go away?


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14 Replies

  • I will sometimes get a stitch while I run- it usually means I'm running too fast and not breathing deep enough so I slow it down (but still run) and try to take deeper breaths. I remember a friend telling me once to raise your arms above your head if it happens - I think it helps to open the chest and fill the lungs better - I've only felt the need to do this occasionally with really bad stitches. If the pain is persisting days after running though, you may want to get it checked out...

  • It's been a couple of weeks. It isn't such a problem while I'm running as I can get it to go away, its the regularity of it - same time same place - that is curious

  • By same place do you mean on your body or in your running route? If in your running route, is it a spot with an incline or where you might be working harder? You're near the end of your run, so I'm guessing it's likely related to fatigued muscles and dehydration. I suspect it will eventually get better as you consolidate your runs. Make sure to drink well the day before and morning of your runs. Maybe try a few shorter runs and see how they go?

  • I will try drinking more. The stitch is in the same spot on my right side just under my ribs. I can feel an ache just mow

  • This is where the diaphragm attaches to the body wall. The diaphragm is a muscle as well. So when it cramps or spasms, if severe enough, the pain could persist, just like a leg cramp. Ensure you're taking deep breaths to ensure your muscles are well oxygenated and maybe an extra rest day or two are in order. Try some shorter runs when you get out there to not aggravate this muscle and keep the runs really slow and easy for awhile until your body can work through this.

  • Hydration... slow down and stop when it happens to recover...before carrying on. Lots of different approaches to stitch.. we hall have our own way of dealing...

    Some good ideas here:)

  • It's not the dealing with the stitch that is the problem, it's the fact that it keeps happening. I get the same stitch at the same point on my run. I was wondering if this is a common thing about stitches or just me being weird!

  • Are you running too fast do you feel ? Breathing steadily?

  • Yesterday I ran like a slug and still got a stitch! Granted it wasn't as bad as it's been. Maybe that's the answer though - try to find out what is triggering them and avoid.

  • Oooh, excellent article OF. I'll be saving this to my running folder. Thanks for all the great links you provide!

  • Good hydration throughout each and every day, whether running or not, can help.

    I have only once had a stitch and following the advice from the podcasts to slow down and breathe deeply sorted it immediately.

    Do you drink while running?

  • I don’t drink while running as I choke on it whenever I try. I also can’t drink before I run as I must run on an empty bladder. So it may be due to hydration. I will experiment with drinking more during the day before I run in the evening.

  • That sounds like a good idea.

  • I did an easy run on Sunday with my friend who had a break and is coming back. We did week 3. It was very easy and I didn't get a stitch. Didn't get a full work out but glad it was pain free!

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