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Stitch!! Ouch 😩


Completed W7R2 today, so doing 25 minute runs now. For the first time today, halfway through my run I got struck with stitch! Oh my gosh it was so painful! I tried to slow my pace to see if that helped but it didn’t seem to ease it! I really didn’t want to stop running but it was so painful I had to stop for a minute to try ease it. Once I felt it ease I carried on again but it kept coming back! After about 5 minute stop/starting it finally wore off but I felt like it slowed me down a lot and made me stop.

Can anyone give me some tips to try work through a stitch and get rid of it quickly without having to stop? I could swear someone told me a technique years ago but I couldn’t remember it for the life of me!

Thank you all xxxx

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I usually keep going and use my hand to press into the stitch for a couple of minutes. Looks a bit odd running style wise but it always goes away.

Theres some theory that being dehydrated or eating too soon before the run can cause the stitch in the first place.

StudentNurseeGraduate in reply to Scobiemacd1

I did try pressing my hand on it and I did feel like a bit of a fool running like that 😂

I tend to go running soon after I get up so I’ll try to drink plenty before my next run! Thank you x

I was getting stitch when I first started and Laura advises a big glass of water before you go out for a run and it worked wonders for me

StudentNurseeGraduate in reply to Stephw112

Ahh maybe that’s it then! I will definitely be drinking a big glass of water before my next run! xx

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day and warming up and down with stretches etc

I get an awful stitch when I haven’t drank enough through the day.

StudentNurseeGraduate in reply to jessm_01

I tend to go soon after I wake up so I’ll try drinking plenty before I go next time! Thank you for the advice xx


Great job. There’s a few ways to minimise stitches and a couple of ways to deal with them.

StudentNurseeGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Brilliant! Thank you! x

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to StudentNursee

No worries... hope you find the fixes that work for you.

If you don't mind stopping for a bit bend over and touch your toes on the opposite side to the side you have stitch. Usually works.

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