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Today I completed week 6 run 3 and for the first time in the programme I suffered a bit of stitch. It's probably my own fault as I decided to try and push on past the 25 minute mark (feeling a bit too cocky) and I saw the postman and increased my speed so as to avoid embarrassment for running slowly. I remember Laura giving advice on how to deal with it in one podcast but can't remember which one so I was just wondering if anyone had any tips if it happens on the next run? Many thanks.

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Luckily I've not had too many problems with stitch, but someone's advice was to take deep breaths and that seems to do the trick for me if I feel it's coming on (and slowing down a bit as well).

:-) I hate when you need to feel the need to speed up for effect - happens to me as well sometimes !


No-one knows why, but these two methods are known to work!

Stop running completely and touch your toes.

Pressure on the area will help to relieve the pain. Use your fingers to press firmly on the painful area.

You can run off a stitch easily enough but it affects you for a couple of minutes


I had a stitch on w4r3, tried the whole breathing and pushing put tummy thing as Laura says and slowed my pace a little, it eventually wore off. I will certainly try and stop and touch toes next time and see if that helps!!!


The stopping and touching your toes is good! Also reach up to the sky with both hands in the air (both feet on the ground) and reach up. It stretches your abdomen and chest. You can even run like that for a bit (I did this in a race til it had subsided) Leaning over to the side that hurts also helps.


I get stiches a fair bit still - usually when form goes out of the window. I find running with good posture, breathing deeply and evenly helps. If it carries on trying exhaling hard three times when your foot on the side of the stich hits the ground. Never heard of touching your toes before or hands in the air - will give that a go next time ;)


Thanks all I'll give this a go next time 😀


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