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I smashed it! W2R2 felt amazing!

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Well I can't believe I can actually say I ruddy well enjoyed that run! Nice enough weather not too sunny not quite raining and not too hot not too cold πŸ˜„

Got up and dressed into my running gear before I had my morning coffee, I was not letting myself sneak out of it lol! I got the twins ready and headed off. The first 1.30 min jog was a little hard but I settled into a lovely pace. The rest of the jogs were about the same and a minute and a half was about the right time, starting to struggle coming the last 20 secs of each jog but enough to push through to not kill me! I put some cheesy music on my phone and focused on singing along rather than counting down the time, that helped loads!

Once the last jog was completed I was elated and tbh after the next two min walk I could have actually jogged again ( but relieved I was finished also πŸ˜‚) so I'm pleased to bits! I achieved a personal best distance too of 2.77km so that also shows how far I've come from week 1! Happy happy happy πŸ˜„

Photo is after my run, happy face lol.

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Congratulations twinnie. We are both at the same stage now. W2 R3 here we come.

Titchy21 in reply to Titch121

Thanks twinnie :) we can spur each other right through! I hope run 3 is as good, I could get addicted to this lol, I'm buzzing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Well done ! You are doing brilliantly !

Lovely pic too, one to treasure ..

Keep going ,youre doing great ! :-) xxx

Good job on your run :) glad you enjoyed it and look forward to many great runs to come :)

What a great job you did out there and what a great picture too - well done :-D


Brilliant run, brilliant distance, brilliant post! You're going great guns Titchy. Keep it up. And oh-my-gosh your twins are ADORABLE!

Congrats! I am at the same stage (did w2d2 this morning).

Titchy21 in reply to Ayelet

Well done πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ How did you get on?

Ayelet in reply to Titchy21

Found it great and refreshing (love that feeling in my lungs!). I have found this week quite easy and completed everything.

Choosing my own music really helps.

Frigging love Sarah Milligan too :)

Titchy21 in reply to Ayelet

I had proper cheesy music, like grease lightning and grease megamix to keep me going lol......it helped lol. I'm am mega unfit so to run for 1.5 mins has been a massive push. I am at least 7 stone overweight so it's a huge achievement for me and I can't believe I did it ☺️☺️

Ayelet in reply to Titchy21

That is fab! When is your next run? I am thinking of doing W2D3 on saturday.

Titchy21 in reply to Ayelet

Saturday also..... Good luck!! I seem to do better with a one day gap. If I leave two days my body seems to have forgotten what to do 😳

Ayelet in reply to Titchy21

Cool! Let's keep in contact and see how we get on. Nice to know i am not alone in this :)


Well done Titchy!


Congratulations Titchy21 I know which on I'm talking to this time ;)

Good for you!!!!


Well done! Your twins look as if they're enjoying themselves too! Your running twin has posted a profile picture so now we can tell you apartπŸ‘ Looking forward to the tales of two titches!

Well done - what a great feeling :-)


Well done! So glad you're enjoying yourself - that amazing feeling (and smile) at the end of the run is what pushes us through!!

Thanks too everyone! I am seriously amazed at the changes in my body only 5 runs down the line! I have pictures from day 1 and I WILL post the difference when I finish! I may still be overweight and I may not have the perfect body BUT I am so proud of what I am achieving..... And what is perfect defined by anyway?!

I have so much more energy than when I started all the time, more get up and go, more energy to do silly things like put the laundry away after washing, drying it and folding it up..... Usually I would put it away the next day....not now! Meaning my house looks fab.....did I mention I'm washing my living room curtains ( hasn't been done in 3 years) I have more pride in myself,my family, my life! I think this might have been the best journey I have ever ever chosen! For years I've done slimming world, weight watchers, etc etc.......yet now I can eat and drink what I like ( funny but my appetite for both is an after thought) yet I know my body is feeling great ( regardless of how it looks!) my hubby is proud of me ( who else am I trying to impress?!) and do you know what?? I AM PROUD OF MYSELF!

I just hope I can continue this programme because I am amazed at how I feel. I thought I better document this feeling ( to read on my bad days! )

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to Titchy21



Great going, Tichy. Sounds like you've got the running bug- good for you. It's amazing how the positive feelings have knock-on effects into other parts of our lives :)


Well done, Titchy21 :). Great progress and how wonderful that your whole family are right there behind you. Keep up the good work, and keep being proud of yourself, you're doing great.

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