In the words of that famous chef Gordon Ramsey , no not the "F" word but DONE :D Felt really good to complete it, Legs felt abit heavy on runs 2-4 but felt better after and run 8 felt pretty comfotable , Still trying to sort my breathing out and jog/run at a pace that isnt to fast or to slow . Certainly think my recovery after each run seems to be a little quicker even if a micro second haha . anyways R3 on Sat :D at this moment in time bring it on :D that may change by Sat haha

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  • Well done!

  • thanks :)

  • Well done! I love that feeling, though am hardly a veteran myself (just a W3R3 next)! Enjoy Saturday's run. :D

  • Thanks Tiki :)

  • Well done, Slow_Rob! Sounds like this running lark has got under your skin already :) There is such a sense of achievement after you have finished your run, I don't think anything else quite matches it. Enjoy your running :)

  • Thank you Tiki :) i admit nothing haha whispers i think you are right

  • Sorry already said thanks to Tiki ,it should have said Before :D

  • I think if you set out to enjoy yourself, put a smile on your face and just go for it then you'll nail it and have a good time doing it

    Go slowly, take your time over this, it's not a race. Listen to Laura!

  • Thanks MissW , it is still early days but finishing Week1 will be a real achievement for me :D

  • You're already noticing a difference! Brilliant! Try not to overthink it and as misswobble says, just try to enjoy it.

  • Thanks Irish :) it was daunting the 1st time but now am definitely looking forward to the next run :D

  • Ah great news !! Well done and exciting to hear your excitement :)

  • Thanks EJ :D you are right i am excited about it now :D

  • Well done Rob - good to hear you're already feeling the benefit... that little micro-second is you getting fitter after only 2 sessions... keep it up and you'll amaze yourself... and get addicted no doubt! Go for it! :) Slow and steady...

  • Thanks aussie :) after stopping smoking this the next best thing i have done :)

  • I hear you... I gave 'em up too... if people think running is hard - giving them up was harder... but so much better for it... imagining trying to do this while still on 'em? Nightmare! :) Well done!

  • I couldn't even walk upstairs without oxygen .. so glad I am where I am now Aussie.