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Newbie - C25K on treadmill?


I am starting out on my get fit/weight loss journey. I've taken the plunge and joined a gym which I attended for the first time today. Just wondering if anyone has managed to complete the C25K on the treadmill at the gym? I'm abit worried it might be considered as hogging the equipment. Can anyone tell me how long the C25K sessions last and is it 3 per week? Thanks 😊

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Including warm up and cool down walks is about 40 mins, and yes is 3 times a week. Completely doable, and I believe many people have done on treadmills in Gyms.

Good Luck with the plan


It's totally do-able in the Gym.

Some Gyms request that you limit the amount of time on equipment if it's VERY busy, but if they have a decent amount of equipment you shouldn't have any issues.

I started in the Gym but eventually moved outdoors because it's nicer scenery :-)


Welcome.. Here is your link..

Lots of folk complete it at a gym, some from choice, some from necessity! I am an outdoor runner.. but that's just me..I run and ramble! You are sure to get loads of tips from folks who have done the treadmill route.. we all support each other so much :)

We all choose our own running path and do it our own way.

Follow the week by week programme and take your rest days, always! if you need extra rest, then take them. Nine weeks to being able to run, comfortably for 30 minutes.. you don't have to run 5K... many folk do not achieve that and it is not compulsory!! :)

The main factor, and you will hear it an awful lot is slow and steady!!!

Other exercises on rest days may help too.. swimming, walking cycling or strength and flex :)

So.. you have taken the hardest step.. and as you know, the healthy eating and moving more, will be a great start to becoming the person you want to be.

Keep posting as it is a great motivation :) looking forward to you posts! :)


Many folk are also on the Weight Loss forum too, and combine them, they find it really works!


Welcome! C25k is such a great programme. Following it is one of the best decisions you will ever make!

Stick with it and you'll soon be a runner!

A treadmill is fine. I completed the first 6 weeks on a treadmill but once I got the courage to go outside I don't think I'll ever step foot on one again! I was so self conscious and scared to be seen that I first went out at 10pm dressed all in black! If you ever get the chance to run outside I really would recommend it, just like it was recommended to me at the start. Until you want to venture out (and the weather is nicer, etc) the treadmill will do just fine. :)

My advice would be go slow (seriously, make a conscious effort to slow down and then slow down even more!), stretch, take your rest days religiously and listen to Laura. The way the programme works if you complete the running sections of a run then you can move on. Make sure you have at least one rest day between runs, more if you need. Each week's runs don't have to necessarily be completed in one calendar week so just take it at your own pace. The jumps sometimes feel big but if you have completed the previous run then your body is more than ready for the next one. If you don't manage to complete the run then just try again the next time until you're ready to move on.

This forum really is the best place on the internet and is full of the most amazing, inspirational people. Post after your runs for advice, encouragement and motivation and to let us celebrate your successes with you. We will be with you every step of the way! :)


I did the whole programme on the treadmill and continue to run on it. It's absolutely fine. Good luck!


3 runs per week on a 9 week plan, although obviously you can repeat weeks as and when you feel appropriate. The individual session lengths vary between about 30 and 40 minutes in legnth, including warm up and cool down. And unless your gym only has 1 treadmill, and/or you like to use the treadmill whilst holding on to other equipment (like all of the weights, or cocooned within yoga mats, or knitting with the skipping ropes as you walk) you'll be fine.


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