Thinking of buying a treadmill?

Hi Everyone, I've been jogging (mostly) at the gym for about 6 months now and I'm thinking of buying a treadmill. Has anybody else bought one, I'd be grateful for any advice as to what to look for/avoid. I think I probably need a folding one as space is a little limited. The one I've seen is a Pro-Form 525 zlt - it has a max speed of 16km/hr and gradient of 10%, seems to get good reviews, all for ยฃ400. Any advice gratefully received.




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  • City streets, rural paths, max speed..... whatever you can manage, gradient........hugely variable,

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Rain, sleet, snow, ice, wind, hills nuff said

  • I like to run outdoors but in the winter this isn't always practical so I started my preparations last month and bought a treadmill. I bought the pro form 530 zlt which I'm really pleased with. I got it when they ran the last club card boost campaign and since I had around ยฃ60 of points I managed to get ยฃ120 off the price. It was self assembly and needed 2 people but otherwise relatively straightforward to setup. I've not used a treadmill before and although the whole display panel has a very plastic feel the buttons are quite accessible. The display could be better but that's a relatively small point for me. My watch has a heart rate monitor which doesn't agree with the treadmill monitor by some margin but not sure what one to believe. That said when I was checked out for asthma the watch agreed with the nurse.

    I've tried it, mainly for intervals, and so far very pleased with it. You're obviously used to using the treadmill but this was my first venture and I find it quite boring. I've resorted to using my iPad to catch up on TV programmes to relieve the boredom. Even better if the film has sub titles to give me something to do to take my mind off the monotony.

  • Thanks for the advice, been surfing for a few and got a bit better idea now, planning on visiting the showroom at the weekend.


  • Hey Ruby, well done you, that's hard work. I've got a roger black one, but I must say rarely use it, I much prefer running outside, it's there as a back up, it's fine, wide, easy to use, but as I say, I do my best to avoid it, it's for winter only, and then there would have to be a few feet of snow/ice on the ground.

    Have you run outside at all? Give it ago, takes a bit of courage, I know, but I'm sure you'd love it, and it's always good to mix it up a bit. Same as OldWheezer i find it excruciatingly boring, but a useful tool if needed. I'm with IannodaTruffe , I may be slow and not go that far, but outside is always my preferred and more enjoyable option.

    Good luck, I hope you find something that suits.


  • Hi Madge, It's partly because I run so slowly that I like the treadmill but I do a park run every saturday. I'm thinking of wet/cold days when it's not that pleasant to run outside and also for interval training.


  • Horses for courses I say, if it works for you that's all that matters. All elite runners use them at some point. Good luck with your research/shopping ๐Ÿ˜„


  • Aye, it's because I'm an elite runner that I need one lol


  • If its too cold and wet then don't run outside. Where do you live Fort William ? Even in Scotland the weather doesn't prohibit you running outside 7 X 24 X 365. Each to their own, adverse weather may prevent the occasional run outside when a treadmill does provide a good alternative. You can customise interval training to suit your own requirements when running outside. It does sound as if there is some form of embarrassment for you running outside on your own in which case a treadmill is the obvious choice but you can't beat running in the open air.

  • As I said in a previous post I do a parkrun every saturday, but I wondered what your point was, I asked for advice on buying a treadmill, whereas your post is all about trying to persuade me that running outside is better (for you, not me). I have many difficulties none of which I'm prepared to discuss with you in a private message never mind a public forum, have you any advice about buying a treadmill

  • Can you not run outside for free?

  • I'm really thinking for cold/wet days, which we get a lot of in scotland, I also tend to do speed work on the treadmill and long runs outside


  • I'd definitely try a few out. I've run on several, and some seem better than others. I'd want one with a half decent length - I've been on a couple that are too short. And make sure the motor is strong - I was reading some articles online a couple years back and many treadmills only really have the oomph for walking.

  • Thanks for the advice, planning on visiting the showroom at the weekend, will check out what's available.


  • Hi Ruby, I don't use a treadmill, I've just started running really, but I have done over 6000 miles on an excersise bike in under two years. I'm not far from you in Argyll so understand the weather issue ๐Ÿ˜€ It's a Reebok ZR9 which I got from Argos. I know you never asked about bikes but I've two friends who have treadmills and they have Reebok ZR 9 and 10 and say they are excellent. One of them is usually on offer. They come with a standard 2 year in house warranty but you MUST register your product with Reebok as stated to be able to use the warranty. I had an issue with my bike after about 18 months and contacted Reebok and someone came to the house and fixed the bike no questions. Both my friends haven't had any issues with the treadmills. I think the main difference is the 10 doesn't need to be plugged in to a power source (I think) has more programs, which on the bike are great so would think this would be the same, and not saying you need this but one of them has a higher weight allowance. I picked my bike because of this I was to heavy for the cheaper model.

    Hope this helps in some way even if you just want to have a look and lol no I don't work for Argos or Reebok, Argos were cheap delivery (always a problem in Argyll!!) and the item was half price and Reebok had the best reviews.

    Also was in Decathlon in Braehead last week for something and a member of staff was letting someone try the treadmills and giving them advice but I know that's quite a trek for you.

  • Well done you, that's amasing and thanks for the advice on the Reebok treadmills, I googled both. Went to the fitness shop today, the one I liked I thought looked too flimsy but I'm gonna keep looking, I've seen a 2nd hand Reebok one for sale, she said it was 6 years old, not too sure about it.

    Thanks again


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