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2nd run week one!

I got past the mental block tonight to get back out there for run number 2. It took a lot for me, at 18st 13lbs, to get off the couch and run on Monday, but going out for the second time has made me feel like I can keep going. The first run went surprisingly well. Tonight I felt sore, I realised I needed to stretch after the run, so that is my first bit of learning. I managed to get further in the 30 minutes tonight which was nice and had good stretch after.

Thing I've noticed already is I feel a lot more positive, I have mood swings when I diet, but the exercise has lifted my mood, reduced my stress at work because I'm feeling more focused and productive. I hope I can keep it up!

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Well done!! It feels brilliant, doesn't it?? And the good news is you've already done the two hardest runs of the plan. Going out the first time is the biggest hurdle of all, and going again after a couple of days and some sore legs is the second biggest!!

Keep enjoying it - you'll have a few bad runs, we all do, but the enjoyment of the actual running and the sense of achievement each and every week make it all worthwhile :-)


All sounds very good and positive! Keep it up and you won't know yourself in a few weeks. :) It's a brilliant programme.


Hi there! You sound very positive, so can you keep the running up? Well of course you can!

All the best for the next one, and get used to the stretching it's a leg saver later on.

Oohhhh see what I did there! Lol



You are doing great Porka, keep it up Ed


Well done Porka, the hardest thing is doing the first few runs.

I always need to stretch afterwards and I also need to warm up well too, otherwise my calves seize up on me. Sounds like you are already learning what your body needs and are feeling the benefits, keep it up :-)


That's brilliant Porka, it's true what you say about exercise improving your mood, even if you don't enjoy it much while you're doing it, the feeling when you complete a challenge is priceless. Keep going


Fantastic and well done! I also did my second run yesterday and felt so good after it. Keep listening to your body and stay positive :)


Re Khrissy's comment about exercise improving your mood - I came across this great quote on the 5x50 website yesterday:

“Running is like drinking in reverse. With drinking it feels great at first, but then you start feeling awful. With running you feel awful at first, but then, after you finish, you feel great.”

Funny and very true!


What a great quote...and so true!


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