She’s gone.....

She’s gone.....

So I ran...with a heavy heart & a head full of sadness but I ran...just a short one this morning...I chose the comforting voice of Mr Smooth.....& the dreaded W5R3, who’d have ever thought that would ever be a run of choice?!! My robot legs kicked in after about 10 minutes...but I had robot lungs & a robot head this morning too...I think I was a bit numb to be honest, I even ran past the 20 min finish without realising...

Thank you for all your kind replies yesterday...& virtual means the world to I have to be there for those little boys whose worlds have changed forever 💔


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55 Replies

  • So sorry to read about your friend MummyCav - look after yourself, x

  • Sorry for your loss

  • So sorry for your loss. It's a terrible blow to lose a good friend. Let's run for all those that can't. X

  • That’s exactly what I do...x

  • I’m running for my friend and those who can’t too ❤️

  • Hi Mummycav, I hadn't picked up on your earlier post until now, so sorry to hear about your friend. Take your time, no pressure on yourself, maybe just give yourself time to grieve. If you feel like running, run. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the boys x

  • Congratulations on completing your run! You are one strong and big-hearted woman!

  • Really saddened to read this. Stay strong xx

  • Sad news and sad times ahead for those little boys and sad runs, but runs that are there for your sanity with everything that is happening. Give those boys an extra hug from me.

  • Sad news, this world can be rubbish sometimes.

  • Sorry to hear this Bev....... It's just pure sadness. Hope the young children will be okay long term xx

  • So sorry for your loss .

  • So sorry for your loss, Mummycav. 🙁 This is so, so sad. Wishing you strength and sending you comfort. xxx

  • So sad for you. Glad that you have the running – and us – to support you. Wishing strength to your running legs and your caring heart.

  • So sorry for your loss . Sending you hugs xxx

  • Such sad news - sendings lots of hugs. Be strong for those little boys.

  • Any words seem small and useless, take care of yourself and all my love from across the pennines. XxX

  • So sorry for your loss such very sad news. I find strength in running when I need to clear my head or sort thoughts out so I hope your run this morning helped a little bit. Thinking of you and your friends family. Sending hugs xx

  • So sorry to hear the sad news Mummycav. That is such a hard thing to go through especially for those young boys. Hope the running helps you process a bit and hope you are able to step back and grieve. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  • So sorry for your loss and the poor boys. Sounds like they are lucky to have you in their lives. Nice that running helps you. Take care of you x

  • Beautiful lady, my heart aches for your loss. I lost my best friend this time last year. I miss her so very much. Wrapping you in my arms for THE biggest virtual hug. XxX

  • So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, but what an amazing thing you are doing to help with her boys. Well done for stepping into the breach. Good luck and keep up the running - it will help you sort through the mess.

  • 😢so sorry to read this. Best of luck to you all x

  • So terribly sorry hunni very sad news. Massive virtual hugs sent 💕

  • I am so sorry for your loss. You have a lot on your plate, but take time for yourself to grieve. If running helps, let it be your therapy. My thoughts are with you and your friend's young family.

  • So sorry for your loss. I’m about to head out for a run for all loved ones who are no longer with us 😢😢

  • So sorry. Well done for being brave and getting out there.

    Take care ... xx

  • Love and prayers xx

  • So sorry xxx

  • 💔 xx

  • So sorry for your loss MummyCav.

    Grief takes its toll, you may not feel like running for a while, or it might be a release for you. My heart goes out to those little boys and you at this terribly sad time.

    I know you will do your best for everyone, stay strong, and take care of yourself too... Big

  • Just a hugx

  • Really don't know what to say, hugs coming your way from both Mrs LeeU and myself, at least your friend knew she was loved and has a great friend in you.

    Grieve, if you can, talk about it with someone and grieve some more. Bottling up grief doesn't help anyone.

  • So so sorry to hear this sad news Mummycav. My heart goes out to you and the little boys. Big hugs.

  • So sorry to hear this. Much love to you and those little ones x

  • So very sorry to read of your loss and what you are going through. You are being brave and kind and thoughtful. I wish you much hope and strength for all the time ahead, when you and your friend’s boys will need it most. Big hugs to you. Xx

  • Thoughts and prayers for your friends family and of course yourself too🙏😥😥 a big virtual hug for you all.God bless


  • So sorry for your loss. I have been through a bereavement, my Grampy passed away 3 weeks ago (he was my dad really). The running really helped so keep on going, we are all thinking of you and right behind you. Take each day as it comes and go with whatever emotion it brings.


  • So so sorry for your loss. Hug those little boys.xx

  • So sorry for your loss. Sending love and hugs and hoping the running brings you some comfort xxx

  • Give them an extra squeeze from me...poor little lads my heart ❣ goes out to them...and you stay strong for them, and make time for your own grief know we are all here for you if ever you need to vent x

  • So sorry for your loss. Run with Helen in your heart.

    She’s probably got her eye on you somewhere and is heckling you like the bin men 😉

  • 💔 Thinking if you at this sad time. Keep running and be positive for those little boys 😢

  • So sorry to hear your sad news, what lucky little lads to have such a wonderful lady caring for them. In my thoughts x

  • Sad sad day for you all ... so sorry ... sent you a message ... allow yourself grieving time and sending you and those little boys thoughts and prayers x 😢

  • Sorry to hear about you loosing your friend. It must be so hard for you, and especially for her boys. You've been a good friend looking after them.

    Thinking of you. X

  • So very, very sorry.

  • oh... love x

    I hope you can find some peace to feel what you need to, and I am sure you and her family will help each other through x

  • So sorry for your loss , big hugs x

  • So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. look after yourself and take comfort in running x

  • Oh how sad MummyCav, sending you virtual hugs xx

  • I am so sorry to read this. It is such a tragic loss for her two young children.

    Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to grieve for your friend - living with loss is never easy and it always takes time. Thinking of you, your friend, and her family. Much love, xxxx

  • So very sorry for your loss.

  • So sorry to hear. XXX

  • So sorry to here that your dear friend had passed was thinking about you earlier was away last week and not around a lot. Look after your self and reflect on your happy times together. xx

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