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Couch to 5k second time around!

I am back on the c25k plan again! After graduating last September I enjoyed running for two months and then hurt myself, took a month or so off over Christmas and have spent 3 months away in Austria where I didn't get out and do any running due to it being so damn cold! Now I'm back in England and was desperate to get that amazing feeling back when you are regularly running, yesterday I completed week 5 run 3 and I must say although it's difficult I'm loving being running again, especially now the suns starting to show itself!

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Good for you!

I "re-graduated" again earlier this year, too.

Good luck!

Nothing like being able to put your trainers on and going out for a run for half an hour, when the rest of the world needs putting aside for a while!

Keep going

Jane x


Thanks ever so for posting this - I graduated last year too - but illness pre christmas and then Life - has set me back- have gone out with Laura a few times on the post graduation runs - and ended up disappointed with myself.

Am going to down load the program and start again - maybe from week 4 though ;-)

best wishes

s xxx


Seems to have happened to a lot of us post grads twelve weeks off due to injury went back to week five now on week eight and loving it welcome back :)


I am in the same boat as you. Graduated in September but stopped running late November, persistent pulled hamstring, weather, illness, work commitments etc. I made a few half hearted attempts but never got anywhere. I got inspired by my Daughters boyfriend who regularly runs 10K in 48 min. Started back on week 4 now on run 3 of the dreaded week 5. I might start enjoying it soon!


Well done to all of us for having the motivation to get back into it! The thing I was most happy with was that I really missed running - although I hate it at times I reallly missed the feeling it gives me! We've done it before we can all do it again! :)


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