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Pearsey's Graduated-second time around-yeaaah!


Well folks the nine weeks seem to positively fly by. What was the difference this time round? I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and every song to get me running again. It was amazing! Reason was this time I knew it was just for me, and paced myself accordingly. I didn't try to emulate those who were greater at the programme than I. I put into practice everything Laura taught me first time round, because I wasn't so busy trying to fly before I could run. I am much fitter and stronger this time-surprising as I had six months out with a knee injury, and then nursing my husband. I expected to be a lot less fitter than I was, and I was surprised how quickly I picked up once I'd got past the 5 week mark.

It's been great, and I intend to run week 9 for the next two weeks before going onto Stepping Stones or B10.

Keep on Running :-)


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Fantastic Colette! So good to hear you are still going strong and have conquered it again!! :)

Fab!! Happy continued running!

Sue x

Pearsey in reply to SBG356

Thank you Sue-good to be back! :-)


Well done Colette, good to read your very positive post. Happy jogging and have a lovely weekend :)


Well done and all the very best with your next programme. It does help inspire others on the C25K. Happy running.

Pearsey in reply to Hidden

Thank you Fitmo. I don't believe we've met.

Keep on Running :-)


Congratulations, Pearsey, really pleased to hear you're back and that you enjoyed the "re-run" (ahem -sorry, couldn't resist). Sue


Hi Pearsey

You're right - we haven't met. I'm very new to the forum but very much enjoying it. I am near the beginning of the C25K and enjoying it. Just to introduce myself to you, I'm 57 and started exercising about 4 months ago when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and advised by the medics to lose weight and get some exercise. I'm a qualified weight consultant but hadn't been my own best advert for years. Still the qualification came in handy for the losing weight part of what was needed - 1,1/2 stones so far. Only the exercise was new to me and I wish I'd done it years ago - my husband thinks I'm a new woman! Yes, will definitely keep on running - you too! Blessings. Brenda


Welcome back Pearsey it's great to hear from you again :) So pleased you are enjoying the plan for a second time. Well done you!

I've been unable to run for 6wks now since getting Whooping Cough! I am still needing regular steroids and inhalers so goodness knows when I will be up to running again. I am so anxious about losing my fitness as I had just achieved my first 10km in 1hr 8mins and had had reduced my 5km down to 32 mins by doing regular interval training. At the moment I can't even run up the stairs :(

Hopefully I'll be back pounding the pavements with you all soon in some of this beautiful sunshine :D

Poor you Vengadriver! Yes Whooping Cough year strikes again!! Usually us wrinklies who are too old to have had the immunisation, plus the children who's parents opt out :-(

It will take some time, I'm afraid, for your lungs to recover. Keep taking the steroids as prescribed and be regular with your inhalers. If you feel short of breath, then repeat them. It is quite safe to take them up to ten times an hour-so that's how safe they are.

In time your lungs will strengthen up and you will be able to climb the stairs and walking will improve, but do take it slowly.

I know that you are frustrated-I was with 6 months out, but because I did that my knee is ok.

My lungs objected when I first started jogging again (I have Asthma), but as the programme went on they adjusted. I would strongly advise you to repeat the 9 week programme to get you going again, as it amazing how quickly you deteriorate, and it will ease you back in.

Bless you, you've been through so much, and now this on top. You've done so well, that I know you can do it again, in time.

Do start walking, as it will help you, but stop if you have shortness of breath or tachycardia (palpitaions) and have a rest. Maybe a park is good, as plenty of benches? If you live near the sea, as I do, so much the better, as the sea air will help you.

I will leave my email address on your message page, so if you want to you can keep in touch.

Colette xx

I cannot send a message Vengadriver. it won't have it. Error note saying add recipient, which i have already done-most frustrating.


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