Wk5Run1 second time around

Hi! I have been puffing steadily through the podcasts from the beginning, my second time around - my first was in 2014. I picked up some injuries and let the running go for most of last year. Because of that I have not been very confident about getting through C25K again unscathed, and have kept schtum. But last night (which was cold, dark and wet if you missed it) I started to believe I just might 'do this long distance thing' after all. Still wheezing but less puffing and blowing and less tired on the run. Might just be getting a little bit fitter...and the ankle is holding up so far...we'll see!

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  • You've done it once, so you know you can do it. And you want to otherwise you wouldn't have started again! Good luck and well done in getting this far again!

  • Welcome back!

  • Cheers Dave hope I stay the course this time!

  • Welcome back ! 

    Well done and Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug :)

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