Hey my friends 😊

Sorry that this is long....

You truly are my cyber friends. I haven't run for 2 weeks, but reading all the motivational messages on here, it really does ooze into every part of my mind and body and its because of you all, that I am back with a motivational mind. 😘❀️

If honest, which I always try to be, I had no intentions of running today. I've had a cold, but nothing drastic, not even a cold really, just a bunged up head and a strange tight chest, so I haven't been feeling that grand. Also, my lil dog Ozzy is poorly, but that's a separate story, he is 15 years old, limited sight and hearing, has cancer and had a big lump in his lymph gland in neck, though remarkably reduced at the mo due to steroids and he's doing rather well, though 2 weeks ago it was a different story and my vet said his time won't be long. But day by day is all we can hope for and he is pretty good wanting to go out and eating so well. So I've had a worrying time and it's been hard to focus, but exercise is always on my mind as I need to keep it going for my health reasons.

So, after reading the messages on here and knowing how mummycav was finding different aspects a challenge, but still overcame them (good going my lovely), it's given me the motivation I need.

Aside from the reasons above, I have other things that sometimes deter or instill negativity in my mind... my weight is one, though saying that, it's moreso the fact that I carry my weight around my middle, the rest of me is okay, lol, so all of this plays on my mind at times and I just think that I need to do something about it. I'm not embarrassed about running in public, couldn't care less, but when you feel demotivated, all your little gremlins come to life.

For those who have felt or feel like this, just get your gear on, get out there and smile to everyone you pass. It doesn't matter if you 8 stone or the biggest you've ever been, providing it's safe for you to start running, get out there and do it.

I'm just over 13 stone, but need to lose a good 3 stone really, for my 5'5 height. I know I've gained muscle since running, but my cardio levels (according to my Fitbit), have increased lovely since I started exercising. This is important to me, alongside my glucose levels and heart rate.

I'm waffling here now and only wanted to post that I'm back with a motivated mind and decided today to do a short run. I have been beating myself up, telling myself I must do a 5k every run and I must not stop, I must keep going. But after letting go a bit, I've decided no, I don't have to do any of these things.

So today, I did my 5 minute brisk walk as per Laura..... I then set my Fitbit on commencement of running. Ran for ten minutes, then had a 2 minute walk. Continued again for 10 minutes, then took another 2 minute walk. Struggled a bit for 10 minutes, then walked for a minute or two. I slowed my pace (yes, I know it's not fast to begin with, lol), but my chest felt tight from this bug and I felt it tight to breathe, so I just slowed down.

But, I did 30 odd minutes of running and those 2 minute walks really helped. If I have to do this for a while, then sobeit, if it keeps me running and not dreading it because I'm always thinking oh God I don't think I can run solid for half an hour, then I will continue to do so. The last thing that us as new runners want, is to dread the run. I know we love it and look forward to it, but sometime after doing a podcast and graduating, there can be a slump and the thought of having to run each time for 30 minutes or more, can be daunting. Even if on the next run I think I can challenge myself to run for 30 minutes, then I will do that, but if I fail or need to stop, I'm going to stop for a break.

This new way of thinking for me has really motivated me and taken that silly dread away. There is no rule that we have to keep running for a certain time without stopping. We have plenty of time to challenge further, improve on stamina in order to be able to run for longer and further, but it's not compulsory. I'm looking forward to my next run now, it's just a shame the nights are drawing in, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. Wish I recorded it on Strava and on Fitbit on the stop watch, but I didn't.



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  • There are no rules in the post grad world of running......apart from compulsory smiling while you run.

    Keep it all up!!

  • Thank you lannodaTruffle, that means a lot.

  • Well done . This is my third week and starting to find it quite a challenge. This site is so brilliant for motivation πŸ™‚

  • It sure is, just keep moving.

  • Well done Beth, that's brilliant, good to see you again. XxX

  • Ooh thanks Martin.....I need more hours in the day, haha, plus, it'll take a lot to keep me away xx

  • You're back! Happy Day!!! :-)

  • I am, have you missed me MarkyD, lol? I always think of you now when I coordinate my running gear πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Of course I missed you. And we all missed you!

  • Ah, bless you, you and everyone are inspirational and just fab people.

  • Well done quirkybee all you have to do is run, you know. I understand (oh man do I understand) self doubt and the millions of reasons not to run....However just get out there and strut your stuff. When the doubts creep in, just remind yourself; there is only one reason to run: You have to!!

  • Thanks Helen, thats so true.

  • Hi quirkybee😊 Lovely lovley to have you running and posting with us..

    This forum is great, no pressure or competition, we all GET IT and understand the resolve you need to keep putting on your running shoes. And the post graduation feeling.

    Whatever you do is good have nothing to prove and absolutely don't need to run 5k every run or even for 30 mins every run. (5K for me takes about 42 mins)

    Happy running 😊x

  • Aww thanks Jan, lovely comment. I'd love to run with you all, that would be lovely in itself x

  • love reading your posts, so honest and they always ring bells with me. Any run is good no matter how short or long. Motivation post graduation is hard. I like my routine of 3 runs a week whatever they are like. Just spent a few days with the grandchildren so no running and routine out the window, didn't even manage to get out this morning now I'm back. Not going to feel bad just start again tomorrow back to the routine. Still want to try the "plus" podcasts but need to be feeling good for them I think.

    PS Ozzy is adorable, hope he keeps eating and feeling comfortable.

  • Thank you koko, means a lot. Plus, yes you need to feel right for these podcasts, just do it when you can, that's what I'm going to do.

    Aww, yes ozzy is a sweetie, just taking it a day at a time with him, it's all worry, but not much I can do about it other than help and see that he receives the right treatment and love.

  • Thank you quirkybee ...this is a great post for me to read...sometimes, you feel like the only one who is bumbling along until you read a post like is a struggle, at the start & after graduation, for different reasons....I think C25k & Mr Smooth are like a comfort blanket...then you have to β€˜let go’ & fly the nest, not knowing which direction to take...but, with guidance & inspiration on here, we will get there & find a new journey...don’t forget that we are all still have been on here all my journey & your posts ( & new tops) have spurred me on to continue to the end...we can become better runners & it’s the practice that counts xxx

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