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This One's for Irish 'no more Mr Sensible' John

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Our pal Irish-John has been having a torrid time of things... So this is for him (and anyone else who likes running adventures)

So, I haven't been out all week as it has been a work binge, trying to get the decks clear for this week's holiday in Robin Hoods Bay. So today a 5k was planned. I have walked around here a lot so had a vague route planned in my head. No idea how long this would be and Mr Wheels was fretting about me running down a steep path that was bound to be difficult after the rain, so I promised him I would be (ahem) 'sensible'.....

We are staying near the harbour so anywhere is uphill. 5minutes warm up takes me to the top of the hill and I set off at a steady (and it needs not to be said) slow jog up to the cinder path in the direction of Ravenscar.

Storm Brian is just bidding farewell to the North East of these islands and it is now dry but still blustery enough to keep a small, usually sweaty runner cool and without the startling beetroot face that must cause alarm in onlookers.

I am still listening to Stephen King and this entertains me (as the horror increases....) for the first couple of km's. The path is more undulating than my weekday track and my pace varies, depending whether I am heading uphill or down. I notice that there are quite a few branches down and at one point the path is blocked by a fallen tree. Will I be daunted by such obstacles?... Will I 'eck as like.

The cinder track is a disused railway line and I love the way that the Victorians couldn't stop themselves from adding gothic flourishes to where hardly anyone would see. Just because they could I guess. The bridges over the tracks are miniature masterpieces and now over grown and with ivy falling in tendrils from them, they are melancholy reminders of a past life. Suitably gothic for my horror story too....

Unfortunately my earphones give up the ghost (ha) at about 4k. I still haven't reached the farm track that will take me down the hill and back to the coastal path, I've nearly reached 5k and that's just as well as there is no way I can run down here, too soggy and muddy, and gritty and steep. So I pick my way down to the stream at the bottom and think I'll finish up later....

The stream, as it is in my minds eye, is a gentle little affair; running over stepping stones, gurgling pleasantly. Well, that was before Brian. Today the stepping stones are pretty much submerged and the stream is in full tilt. Well, as the Bear Hunters know; 'you can't go over it, you can't go under it, you've got to go through it'. I am bloody not going back up that hill anyway.

So should I just walk through or do stone jumping....I made a bad call and ended up on my sorry butt, in the middle of the stream. It is a funny impulse in our 21st Century life, but the immediate response to such events is to find your phone and hold it over your head!

I can only laugh at my predicament and haul myself back on to the path, dripping slightly and starting to run again as the only sensible option to keep warm. I find the lane and run down to Bogle Hole, on to the beach and 'home'. approx. 7k run I think :)

Mr Wheels is amused and glad that he told me so :)

I hope you are better and out there again soon IJ !

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Loved reading that Helen 🙂

Thank you. Just about warmed through, sitting by the fire in a pub 🔥

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Great post, thank you. 😁

You are welcome, thank you for listening as I drone on...

What a fab post and well done for picking yourself up and laughing about it 😂

Thank you. Well you gotta laff

A great story, so much better because I know much of that route from walking. When you wrote Robins Hood Bay my first thought was Yikes, that can only involve Steep :)

I used to find it tiring walking. Never in a million years thought I would run this someday👍😊

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Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to helenwheels

I never thought I would be disgruntled at having a bona fide excuse NOT to get off the couch...but man am I ever jonesing for a run :)

I did it so you didn't need to 😊

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Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to helenwheels

And love you for it :)

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Lovely post and I feel honoured to have such an interesting and fulfilling run dedicated to me! :)

Welcome. Interesting indeed😱

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Splishy sploshy splishy sploshy... glad you got home safe!

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helenwheels in reply to ejvcruns

Thanks. Having a pint in the pub now. Much better 🍺😊

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What a post.. brilliant!!!

Just wish we had the video to go with it.. cols you take Mr Wheels along next time:)

Well done you.. get warm and recover your equilibrium :) x

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helenwheels in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss

Each and every run teaches something I guess :) about to go for a sedate walk with Mr W and the hound :)

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What a wonderful post, made me chuckle. Now I've got the bear hunter's song stuck in my head....thanks 😆

that song is a b*****d :)

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SaskAlliecatGraduate in reply to helenwheels

Yes, yes it is

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What a fun outing!! Thank you for the laugh, I can imagine that being me with my backside in the stream lol.

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helenwheels in reply to Hidden

You know, it was actually fun! Who knew that I would, at the age of 55, find this new FUN thing to do... YAY :)

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Tackling the great outdoors on a holiday run.........memories are made of this.........and great stories too!

Yes indeed, currently however I am having some issues with standing up and sitting down without making 'old lady' noises. The dog is fast asleep :)

Lovely report Helenwheels...I too have been along that cinder track (walking though) so could picture it all clearly 😄

That hill down to Robin Hoods bay is very steep, but its lovely to take the little offshoot windy paths between all the houses on the hill there which we were told are holiday lets...

Lovely views if you were able to keep your head up at all in that wind...

A great 7k, even with a soggy bottom😉

Hope you enjoy a lovely holiday break😊xx

Haha. Thanks Jan :)

A soggy bottom; not just a baking issue :)

What a great post and a great memory! Thats one for the books! 😀 Hope the rest of your holiday is dry and relaxing! 😎

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helenwheels in reply to Decker

Thanks Decker. I am sure it will be drier, but this is October in Yorkshire (so probably not too much so). The run was relaxing- in this brave new world :)

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Decker in reply to helenwheels

Either way it sounds like you are going to find a way to enjoy it!

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Oh my days .... can only imagine the bruises today ouch 🙀🙈🏃🏼‍♀️

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helenwheels in reply to Vixen67

I'm ok actually, I think that there was enough mud and water to cushion the fall! I am achy from those hills though :(

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Great post which made me ....

Shiver 😱 at the horror story, smile 😊 at the beautiful descriptions, laugh 😁 at the 'beetroot face', grimace 😬 at the watery slip and grin 😀 at the Bear Hunt reference (one of my favorites, I even wrote a post linked to it!). But no Robin Hood 😉 Thank you very much for an entertaining bedtime read.

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helenwheels in reply to skysue16

Thanks Sue 😊 Bear Hunt has a very special place in my heart and reminds me of encouraging little legs, up hills, through woods, in all sorts of weathers....happy days👍

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Smashing post Helen ! It did make me chuckle😆😆 Thank you!

Happy running!😀😀

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helenwheels in reply to Hidden

Happy running 🏃 to you too Peggy

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What a fabulous post! You should be proud of yourself for running up those hills! A beautiful place to run. You did make me laugh!

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