Poignant Musical Moments on Your Runs

I was just reading ancientrunner's post about his Buzzcocks moment the other day and wanted to share 2 of mine AND invite you to share yours.

1. Running in Lanzarote last year. As a warm up, we walked to the top of a very steep hill (a road, it was tarmacked but not a car in sight) and started running from the top and down the other side. All around me in the distance were the beautiful volcanoes, bathed in late afternoon sunshine, the sky as blue as a blue thing, the sea in the distance, I pressed play on my iPod (always on random) to the opening chords of Norman Greenbaum's Spirit in the Sky. It was a perfect slow groove to take me down the hill ....

2. This Sunday just gone. Revisiting a local run through the farmer's fields that we haven't done since last year as he had planted crops over the public footpath. We decided to try it again on Sunday, our route taking us along trails and tracks and woods, gradually leading uphill to where the footpath SHOULD be if he hasn't planted over it again ... another gorgeous sunny Hertfordshire afternoon, slight breeze ... To the brow of the hill ... Is the path there this year? Yes, it is - just! Planted either side with wheat or barley or some such and there's a thin little track through it. What comes on the iPod? The extended mix of The Lightning Seeds "Marvellous". And it so was.


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18 Replies

  • Sounds wonderful.

    I wrote a little post the other day about the theme from Rocky playing on my random playlist just at the right time to get me to the end of the run (I was just about to give up).

    The last random song on the next run was "I'm Walkin" by Fats Domino. I laughed myself across the finishing line :)

  • I think sometimes (depending on how tired I am) the music can really make or break a run and the randomness of the tracks can be hilarious!

  • ancientrunner is a she ) , one of our inspirational friends on the forum.. :) :)

    Poignant music moment? Well, quite recent really.. 10 K Sunday.. running with ABBA... nearing the end of the run and hitting the forgotten incline..at the end of the run...( duh) the song 'I Had a Dream.. and the lines...."And my destination makes it worth the while

    .....Pushing through the darkness still another mile"

    Yours are ace :)

  • How appropriate! Hope it helped you up the hill!

  • It did ! Sort of... :)

  • Oops! Sorry, ancientrunner X

  • i couldnt run without my music!!! i sing out loud, drum but come on Eileen gets the legs going

  • Mine was " I wish it Could be Christmas Everyday " By Wizzard.

    It popped up on a random playlist on Spotify on a very hot sunny day last August when I was literally dragging myself up a hill with nothing left in the tank Ha ha

    Oh how I laughed - NOT ! :-D xxx

  • I went to a festival once in the middle of a hot summer. Slade were there and played "Merry Christmas Everybody". So surreal 😬

  • Oh Pops... :) Only you ! xxxx

  • Yup ! :D xxx

  • Ha ha ! :-)

    I read that Noddy Holder earns over half a million pounds in royalities a year on that one song alone and it was recorded in a studio on a blistering hot day in July in America . Fancy that ! :-) xxx

  • Starting to run up a long incline when 'Im still standing' came on..so upbeat it helped me up the hill.😆

  • I was out yesterday evening on run2 of week 8. I was struggling after 18 mins and wanted to give up. The the random playlist brought up "I bet you look good on the dance floor" by the Artic Monkeys. It was just the drum beat kick up the ass I needed. It kept me going and was followed by Florence and the Machine with "Dog days are over". Those two songs were perfect to get me across the line. Not sure the Dog days are over though, I'm sure the hard runs are still ahead. But bring them on.😳

  • I used Laura to graduate C25k. Those who have, will know about the Julie track......week 8 and 9. So on my graduation run I listened to Julie.

    After training for a 10k distance, I just selected random from my music on my iPhone for my 10k graduation run. Just as I got to 9.5k..........Julie by Take That!!!!!! I loved it, Julie helped me graduate twice! Magic😃🏅🏃🏼‍♀️

  • Ha ha, 'tis,true 😁

    I was running down a footpath I'd clambered into the other day, to avoid a steep hill, to find waist high grass! It was raining heavily so,I was soon saturated and my shoes and socks were squelching.

    "I beg your pardon

    I never promised you a rose garden", trilled Lyn Anderson


  • Ha ha ! That's quality , Miss W ! :-D xxx

  • I tend to refer to my runs as "Bens" because they are usually powered by a great worship leader called Ben Cantelon. Perfect mix of faster and slower beats just when I need them and inspiring words re,inning me that I'm never alone on my runs.

    I find my runs are better when I've got great worship music pushing me forwards. I can't tell you the amount of times I've pushed through a tough spot to the strains of "when I finally reach the end I will say you were worth it all".

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