Week 9 Run 2.... the best of times...the worst of times?

Actually...it was the best of times, but I only decided that half way through the run.

It was very, very dark this morning and having woken early, I decided to make an earlier start, before the rains came; well that was the plan!

As I set out, it was already raining, and raining quite heavily. Decision time... to run or not to run...

I was already quite damp, after opening two gates and three minutes of my warm up walk...

What the heck... I wanted to run, so I went for it.

Literally no-one around this morning, still dark and curtains closed tightly across the windows of the houses, barriers against the darkness and the rain. Having reached the main road though the village I was seriously wet, but very warm... a slightly different start to the route, meant I was into a steady, although wet pace by this time. Car headlights flickering on the black slicked road and the odd light coming on in upstairs rooms in the houses along the route, as the occupants prepare again for their day. I was seriously and significantly wet at this point, but I was comfortable and I was running!

As I turned up the hill towards the High School, I was concious that my legs just seemed to be moving without me thinking about them, my feet hitting the floor with a light squelch, breathing deep and steady...here I was, over 65, in the dark, soaking wet, running up a hill and enjoying it! Was I quite mad...?

Those of you who read my ramblings know I had a bit if a block a run or two back... but this morning... poems, carols, quotations and snatches of songs. rippled through my head like a stream over pebbles.

i negotiated the narrow pathway along by the Primary school, hedge dripping wet, into the lane and meeting, en route, some of the early Senior students , making their damp, dark way to school.

Up the hill and into Old Road. This route has been very wet previously, but today...almost impassable.

Dark puddles stretching from side to side, the trees dripping coldly and steadily into the sodden hedgerows... and me. Almost jumping over the larger puddles, I wrote a whole new carol ,(in my head), to the tune of Deck the Halls...up to the end of the road, up again to the Bridle Path corner, down the hill and then turn.

I felt so alive.. I cannot begin to describe it, I can only put the feeling of exhilaration down to the dampness creeping into my sodden head!

Made my way back to the village, and Laura's voice, once again, telling me I had done it.


Five minute warm-down walk, up the hill to Billy Joel's Piano Man and home to the indescribable bliss of a hot shower.

What a run!


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16 Replies

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  • Sounds wonderful Oldfloss - it's great when it all comes together like that. I hope you have something special planned for your graduation run!

  • Just to do it!!!! :)

  • Dark, early AND wet!! You get top marks for grit!!!! :-) There were so many funny moments in that post ... it made me smile. Can totally relate to your description too. I sometime think i've lost the plot when running in the rain, but there's no denying it's fun!

  • True Grit....! John Wayne has absolutely nothing on me! Bring on Run 3! :)

  • Oh Floss, I LOVE your posts , they are so interesting and descriptive .

    You are nearly there , on the home strait , going great guns and nothings gonna stand in your way.

    Really looking forward to reading your graduation post , Yay, GO YOU ! :-)

    Good Luck and I really hope you are going to stick around for a long, long time on here after you've graduated ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you! I am loving the running and loving the rambling...!

    Started this programme nine weeks ago... then found out about and joined this site in November and the support has been phenomenal! So many lovely, helpful people, including you, who have kept me going...

    I am so determined to do this...which is a good job,' cos they have given heavy rain for my last run on Saturday!!! Wonderful!

    Maybe I could celebrate with a route through the soggy fields, which was where it all first started...?

    Going to go for it anyway! :)

  • Good write OF!

  • Thanks.. nearly there! :)

  • Good luck - you are so close to finishing now :-) I love your run write ups, so descriptive - and quoting both Dickens and Billy Joel makes me happy !! Off now to sing Piano Man at the top of my voice - after 3 - "they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar and say, man, what are you doing here..." :-)

  • Yeay!!!! "Sing us a song, you're the piano man...." !!!

    I love Dickens... and Billy Joel is brilliant..!

    Thanks for the luck.... might need it Saturday.. another deluge...Hmmm... I feel, a soggy field run coming on maybe? :)

  • A wonderfully lyrical description as usual floss, seeing the beauty in a dark wet run is what its all about! Nearly there now!

  • Thanks... well the only thing to do when you are out there.. is embrace every moment!

    Nearly there indeed..! :)

  • Sounds blissful! Rain is fine and you stay warm as long as you keep running. Once you stop though it's another matter so you have to have a jacket or make sure you finish near home. I often don't and curse myself for being a div.

    Nearly there now. Exciting times indeed.

    I love Dickens and have just finished Our Mutual Friend. Bit of a saga that one. I thought I'd never finish it!

  • Blissful is a strong word... but, yes, it was fantastic.. and I was wrapped and zipped up for the walk back up the hill to home.. have got my timings sorted much better now!

    Nearly there indeed!

    Our Mutual Friend, as you say...definitely a long.... run.

    Never mind.. I can't wait to re- read Christmas Carol.. just before Christmas...!!! :

    Much shorter run...! :)

  • Brilliant!! Sounds like you hit 'The Zone'! Very best of luck for your graduation run :)

  • Thanks.... just wondering what it will be like for my last run on Saturday...forecast sleet and heavy rain.... hmm!

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