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New Tortoise

I'm a relatively old lady (63) and it's taken me 6 weeks to get to week 3 of the plan. But I just ran for 3 minutes without stopping! I am feeling quite proud of myself - I was a bit scared at the thought of 3 minutes, but it wasn't so bad. I'll probably never get to the full 5k, but every bit of exercise helps. I probably look lumpy and wobbly when I run, but I'm enjoying every minute so far.

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You should feel proud - you're clearly getting fitter at your own pace (definitely the best way) and don't worry about lumpy and wobbly and never say never either.

Happy running 😊

Excellent work, 3 minutes is a magic number! You sound so like me - almost apologising for what I don’t do; focus on celebrating what you do do, you’re amazing whatever shape or animal you are! 🎉

Congratulations on starting, always the hardest part. Just keep your pace slow and steady and you will get there. Far more tortoises get to the end without injury and a seat on the ic than the hares. As for 5k - I bet you'll be doing it sooner than you think.

Well done you 😁 it does not matter how long it takes you as long as you are happy and enjoy it that is all that matters . You are getting fit and healthier every time and age is just a number I know as I am 52 myself . Good luck on your journey

That’s brilliant just take your time slow and steady wins the race 👍

Congrats on your progress so far and keep going you will get there....

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Well done and you're doing grand and don't worry what you think you look like, did a post about this the other week as there are so many types,styles,shapes etc out there running -- just be proud of yourself and most seeing you will be in awe of you wishing they could do it

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30 minutes after nine weeks is all you need.:)

You are as old as you feel.. I am 67 going on 30 :)

Lumpy, wobbly, whatever ... you are doing wonderfully and you are very welcome here:)

Very, very well done you...keep it slow and keep it steady... just take it gently and don't forget your exercise( non impact) on the rest days :)

Keep posting too :)

Well done you, you're doing brilliantly

... and never say never, if you want to run 5k you will. Take every run at your own pace, slow and steady and you will get there.

Good luck and happy running!

Fantastic, enjoy and keep going 👍

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Of course you'll get to five kms! Be positive ! This programme is designed for everyone!

Old! At 63! Nah, I don't think so. I am a 60 in a few weeks and feel fitter than I ever did.

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Wow, fantastic. Keep on running 🏃

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Well done and good luck! This is a great programme and there’s lots of helpful and encouraging advice on this lovely forum. I’m 63 too, new to running, and amazed & chuffed to bits to have graduated recently 🙂 I can manage 4K now but I’m still working towards 5K. Some days are challenging but I try not to give myself a hard time and I just enjoy what I CAN do. The sensation of running along beautiful woodland tracks at this time of year is unbeatable!! Pace and wobbles are so unimportant. Oldfloss’s advice is especially useful 🙂🏃🏼‍♀️

Well done to you! There’s nothing wrong with going slowly. And the enjoyment factor is so important as you’re more likely to stick at something you enjoy. Keep on going and don’t worry about how you look (or how you think you look) because what’s fab is that you’re out there doing this for you and you are really enjoying it. Best of luck with the rest of the programme. 😀

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Hey - congrats! I'm 66 & also taking it slooooow. Among the many reasons for starting this prog, I'm doing it for pleasure - which means tackling it on my own terms. My take is that at some stage I'll get to the end of W9, but till then (bar the odd blip!) I'll just dig in & enjoy the journey. For sure you'll complete the programme too. There's no rush - just feel pleased & proud that you started it at all :-)

I think you are marvelous. Keep going and you will be able to run for 30mins one day soon.

Well done Maisielane😊....

It doesn't matter how long it takes to complete the program...I started age 56.. and took seven months to get there...

I stayed on week 4 for a while, went on a three week holiday but still got there and now almost two years later still running...

Keep going and enjoying it...believe you can do it and you will 😊x

Keep going at your own pace well done I am 61 and really feel the benifit of couch to 5k

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