Adios week 3 👋

I haven’t posted about generally how’s it going yet but I find other posters regular updates fascinating and motivating as i see their progress so thought I would just in case it helps anyone!

As a back story I literally staggered through week 1 r1 and it has almost magically just got easier ever since. 3 minutes may not sound much but I am bloody astounded that I have ran that 6 times this week without collapsing, in fact I was barely out of breath today! It is literally magic I’m sure! I’m 48, obese, had plantar fasciitis problems and am “not built for running” - if I can enjoy it surely anyone can? Xx


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19 Replies

  • Fantastic OurB !! What an amazing thing you are doing for yourself.

    You must be so proud of yourself, and rightly so. keep going!! You will always find loads of support here! Looking forward to seeing your progress.

    And plenty of encouragement to keep you going here too if you need it !!

    Well done again !

  • Thank you, that’s so kind and brought a tear to my eye!

  • Great stuff! Yep, we convince ourself of all sorts don't we 😃

    I am short, fat, little legs so a running no-hoper!

    That's what I thought. Years down the line my legs are no longer but I'm not fat and can run for miles 💪👍🏃‍♀️✔️😃

    Keep believing! 😃

  • A proper little pocket rocket misswobble 😉

  • 😂 I think we must be twins misswobble! Let’s keep fighting for all the short fat legged girls and boys out there!

  • Two pocket rockets!!!

  • It’s amazing isn’t it?? All that puffing & panting...lungs fit to burst...on weak one...yes weak...didn’t know we were that weak did we? But guess what? As we go through from weak one to week 9, strong...strong is what we feel then & our weak days are a distant memory....What a lovely,thoughtful post, hoping that you might inspire someone on prob won’t wven be aware of all the folk you’ve inspired both on here & out there doing your keep it up...we like to hear everyone’s story 😉 happy running 🏃🏼‍♀️

  • Oh thank you mummycav, I’ve welled up again! It’s lovely to “talk” to people who understand- lots of people look a bit disappointed when I say 3 minutes. People here really get it! 😊

  • Aww, bless you...3 minutes is an absolute AGE...but you get passed really do...this programme is an absolute miracle have a fab journey ahead...I’m a bit envious at you just starting’s a journey full of’ll be continually surprising yourself & we’ll all be here to enjoy reading all about it!! 😊😘

  • I have lost 4.5 Stones so now I'm just short 😁

  • I’ll try to catch up, I’m 1 stone 10 down in 2 months - I’ll get there!

  • Brill work misswobble!!i think u need to change your name!

  • I start week 4 tomorrow OurB! We will get through this! Easy!

  • Isn’t it exciting? I felt super pro this morning as it was the first time I’d been out in bad weather - hardcore 💪🏻 good luck tomorrow, hope you are feeling positive? I run Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday so won’t be far behind you 🏃

  • Yeah feel positive as I didn’t think I’d manage 3 minutes and it was nowhere near as hard as I expected! So bring on 5mins! I’ll update tomorrow 😬

  • Two months! Go steady! ☝️ You have to eat healthily! That's the important bit 🙂

  • Thank you, I am eating healthily just a lot to lose so quite a quick start - still another 4 stone until I’m in the healthy weight range for my height. I started slimming world at the end of August and have never eaten so much fruit, veg and protein in my life! Losing the first stone gave me the energy to start exercising more and so here I am! 😊 xx

  • Brilliant. I like reading these posts of how couch to 5k is helping all sorts of people in all sorts of ways.

  • It’s great to see so many people taking control for themselves. Hope it’s going well for you too.

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