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Week 8 done!

Went out earlier than usual, which wasn't great as I had to run past people standing at bus stops and run up and down a pavement waiting for rush hour traffic to clear so I could cross roads!

Like the first run on week 8 I felt that I was toiling through it, and wanted to stop and go home almost constantly. Kept going, kept thinking, I'll just go slowly and get it done.

And hey! It was my fastest run to date! How weird is that?! I felt like a slug wandering over nails, but covered 2.8miles in my 28 minute run!

Aaaaaaah! Week 9 next! Woo hoo! :)

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Slug wandering over nails !! I love it !! Im on week 3 and describe my speed as that of a drugged slug . Soon be graduation for you, well done, cant wait to get there myself !!

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WELL DONE! You're making a difference now. Great progress!

GOOD LUCK for the last week - Graduation in sight now! How good is that going to feel? :) :) :)


Sounds like its going fine It's always hard going but you are doing it! Well done!


Well done you, it just shows that you never know until it is done. You are doing so well and great motivation to others.My next run will be week8 run 1 , a week behind but hopefully soon we'll both be graduates.


Well done. One week to graduation! What a great pace!


Well done, you deserve to feel chuffed, especially with a distance like that. Good luck with week 9 - only 3 runs to graduation - the week will fly by. All the very best.


You never know, you might have inspired one of those people waiting at the bus stop to follow in your healthy footsteps. You'll definitely be doing 5 k by the end of the programme.


Thanks all! I do definately get a buzz out of running, but sometimes it's more after the run than during! :) Knowing that I was going to come here and share my run with you all was also on my mind and you all helped me keep going.


Well done, I too find it very hard to judge how fast I am going from how fast I feel I am going. Usually the surprise is pleasant!


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