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Week 7, run 3, a bit better

Well, got out there this morning and went for it! Enjoyed the first half of my run but struggled to finish and let my head get the better of me (again!) still, I didn't stop and now I feel good.

My stats are showing me that I have slowed down in the last two runs. It's strange, run 1 of this week was so good and then the other 2 have just been so...well, not good.

I'm thinking that maybe I need to change something, my route is pretty much set in stone as it's the only route where there's enough people around (I run in the early morning when it's still dark) so maybe the music? Have to look into it.

Here's to next week and a fresh start!

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good bad or otherwise ..... you've done 7 weeks - and 6 weeks ago I bet you never thought you would be able to say that now would you?

Happy Running


I know, quite unbelievable! Week 8, run 1 tmw, gulp...!


Congrats on your progress.

I've also been slowing down after week 6 r1. I wonder as the continuous time is getting longer, it starts getting a bit harder to keep the pace? Plus maybe more recovery needed? That's what I thought for me. We can always pick it back up later eh?

Week 7 Run 3 for me tomorrow. Maybe the extra day's rest will help.


Well done for completing the dreaded week 7. Onwards and upwards now :-) im determined to get my last week 7 run done on Sunday so can start afresh next week. We are so close. Who would have thought it wasn't long ago we were only running for a few minutes now we are so close to 30 minutes. There's a lot to be said for that music on the podcast. Its driving me mad lol good luck for week 8 run 1


Cheers! Onwards and upwards it is. Hope week 8 is better...! :)


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