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Week4 r1

Well very windy in Scotland making it hard going but took it slow & steady and was fair chuffed to complete the run and then after reading all about the jeff galloway method of run walk that was mentioned in irish johns post! (So glad you did mention it as it was so interesting) I decided to try the walk run to take me to 5km & it was such a great feeling as not fast by any means 47mins but it gave me a boost as i completed my first ever 5km run on 30/10/16 in 44mins & that was continuously running so it really gives me hope i will get there again😊

I am even now thinking "again"😂😂 of tackling a parkrun as i always said i would only do it if I could run the whole way but you know what! after reading all about the walk/run i might just give it a go as when i checked results for yesterday I wouldn't have been last!! This program so works so to everyone out there participating stay positive & take each run as it comes and enjoy!! It was harder the day than last week but kept going to the end slowly & slower still....😊😊

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Well done you 👍


Ah thanks will get there and my 30mins running 😊😊happy running 👍


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