2nd year Runnerversay

On Sunday two years ago I set out of my front door on wk1 run 1. I came home afterwards and my husband looked at me and said "are you supposed to be that colour? it looks very worrying."

Last year when I wrote my first year runnerversay post I was in training for a sprint triathlon. I was just about running 5km and it was a struggle. On 31 August last year I completed my sprint Tri.

400m swim, 15 km cycle and 5km run. I completed in 2:03:55 I loved every minute of it. The structure of training was fantastic and I loved the way cross training felt.

I was a bit lost after my Tri and I wasn't sure which way I was going. Due to past health problems my heart rate runs a little high especially when I run (I have had it all checked out with my gp) and It was keeping me back at going further distances. I struggled to run a 5km and it took me days to get over it.

After a conversation with a fellow runner, I had mentioned that I had tried run/walk and I coped with the run better but I felt that I was letting myself down. He told me if thats is what helps to increase my distance why did it matter. So in September I "allowed" myself to adopt a run/Walk training program. I haven't looked back as my body found its feet so to speak. In November I signed up for a Half Marathon in May.

Again I loved the structure of the training plan but being so slow I found it hard with the longer training runs with having to find 2.5 hours for the longest run. I also found fuelling those runs difficult but I made it through the training with the fabulous support from here to completing my first half marathon on 10 May with a time of 3:08:43.

In juicyju style my thoughts on pro's and con's of what I have learnt in the last two years


I have learnt patience with my body. I am a slow burner.

I have learnt to adapt to what I personally need to do to run and get out of it what I want.

I have learnt to be proud of MY achievements.

I feel healthier and fitter than I ever have


I still compare myself with others sometimes (I try not to.)

I can often bite of more than I can chew and then won't quit. (But without that I wouldn't have a Hm under my belt)

I know I would not feel as motivated and passionate about running without all the fabulous support and encouragement that comes from all of you. Waking up every Morning and reading all your posts and giving out the graduation badges are the best form encouragement I could ask for.

So for all the support over the last year I thank you from the bottom of my heart and here is to next year as we all journey together.

Happy running everyone.


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29 Replies

  • Happy runnerversary!

    You have come a long way within the last 2 years.

    Here's to the next one. Cheers!

  • Thank you so much

  • Happy runniversary, RFC. We wouldn't know what to do without you. You keep this group alive. Thank you!!!

  • That's so sweet thank you

  • Aaaagh that's a lovely post. Well done. You've come such a long way. Be very proud of what you've achieved. Xx

  • Thank you so much

  • What a lovely post. I think I have the same pros and cons as you (substitute 10k for hm - I've got a way to go there yet ...).

    You are always so positive and constructive, and all us posters on here are just lucky to have you on our side!


  • Thank you so much. Enjoy the journey it's one of the best bits

  • You star, lovely post & inspiring as ever...

    Thank you 😉

  • Thank you so much

  • Brilliant post RFC, you have worked so hard and you have achieved so much xxx

    This site is absolutely amazing , it wouldnt work without you and all your input.

    Many Congratulations to you and thank you for all your help in making this place what it is xxx

  • Thank you so much

  • Lovely post RFC, thank you for all your support. I won't forget you turning up with home made chocolate cake at the London Winter Run. Enjoy your running x :-)

  • Thank you so much. I am working on having cake on the 31 jan and running as well next year.

  • What a beautiful, honest and heartfelt post...you are amazing RFC and a complete inspiration to us all... And I love that we are all on this amazing journey together...Thankyou for being the glue that enables that xxxx

  • Thank you so much I know the musings of a panther have kept me going on the darker runs.

  • Happy 2nd runniversary. You epitomise what C25K and this forum is about, and you are an inspiration. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much. I am going to add the contents of the post to my profile. It's funny how just looking at my profile reminded me of the day I started.

  • Congratulations RFC! Here's to the next one. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Long may you run!

  • Thank you so much and you too, hope that pesky injury is on the mend.

  • Congratulations and well done. You in turn are an inspiration and great support to all of us especially those of us still fairly new to all this!

  • Thank you so much. I think you always carry on learning with running so we are all still new to it.

  • Lovely post RFC. Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts and experiences, thay really are very helpful.

    It is really amazing the benefits of running. I think we all expect health benefits, it's probably why most of us take up C25K in the first place. What is more surprising perhaps is the other benefits. We learn more about what our bodies are capable of, and what they are not! We learn how we can recover from injury, and come back even stronger. I think, most of all, it can boost our confidence, and general outllook on life.

    So, happy 2nd Runiversarry, and thankyou for the support and work you kindly put into this forum.

    Happy Running RFC :)

  • Thank you so much. Your right it amazes me how healthy learning to run has been in so many ways.

  • Great post well done :-) I really hope that I can tick a few of your achievements after 2 years! I really agree with your Pro's & Con's in that its "your" run for "your" own reasons. :-)

    Here's to the next 2 years :-)

  • Thank you so much. It is great getting to go on everyone else's journey as we all have our own ideas where we want to take the program.

  • Happy runnerversary! 🍰🎁🍷

  • Thank you so much.

  • Excellent post RFC. Keep up all the good work. It's for you and no one else that you do it so focus on the important things, for you that is!

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