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Week 9 Run 2 complete

Well what can I say, nearly there.

A nice run today not to many pugs to trip over, nice people out and about, Mrs B at a steady pace, after completing couch25K on the treadmill mid June till August then doing it again from week 4 outdoors the final run awaits, been a long 16 weeks but I enjoyed it, it's not easy, but achievable. Both of us are in new territory running outdoors for 30 mins+.

What should I buy the wife for her graduation present. "Ankle weights to slow her down" 😂😂

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Well done 👍🏼. Only one more to go now and you'll be on that podium with me 😊😊

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Champagne is chilling..:)


Well done.

The perseverance pays off and you will have the joy of running together. The chances are that you will slowly manage to catch her, based on gender statistics for running performance, assuming that you are similar ages.

Being a tightwad, I wouldn't buy have given one another healthier and fitter versions of the old you........what more could you want?

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Or some lovely heavy bling :) So close now.... well done!


Husband treated me to a Garmin when I graduated:)


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