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I did it!- week 7 run 3 (25 mins)

Yes yes yes! Just returned from my first outdoor run and I LOVED it! Nothing prepared me for wonderful feeling of the cool breeze on my skin. It was great- and i felt like i belonged to a secret runnners' club as fellow joggers smiled at me as i ran past them. I;ve seen them before but it was great to be acknowledged as a fellow runner!(I've seen dog owners do something similar with each other!) I don't think I ran as fast as I do at the gym but the experience was just so much more enjoyable.

And rather then watch the tv screen I could people watch and observe the waves breaking on the seafront

I've decided to build up speed on the treadmill and also do runs in the outdoors.

Thanks to all of you for encouraging me to exchange the indoors for the outdoors. xxxx

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I'm thinking about venturing outside too. Treadmill is getting a bit repetative and today the gym was like a sauna! Wk7 r1 will be on Wednesday and I feel the call of the wild.


how lovely to be able to see the sea, bit too far away for me, but I did enjoy my outside run last week, am going to do it again, think its a good idea to have a change round, its definitely getting warmer in the gym. you are nearly at the end now so well done!


Fantastic! One of my first runs was on a grey, drizzly Saturday morning a couple of months ago - I went a couple of times round the local park and came back and bored the pants off my husband with how wonderful it was, and all the people I saw, and lots of runners, and, and, and.....

It really makes you appreciate the simpler things in life, doesn't it?


Great I also ran outside today and it was fantastic, although I ran faster than on the treadmill so I think I'll up the speed on the treadmill for my next one.

Plus congrats on running for 25 mins!


I love, love, love running outside! A run next to the sea must be fantasic. Time seems to go sooo much faster than on the treadmill, esp if you live in an area with lots of green spaces to run in, not so much fun when you have to stop at pedestrian crossings all the time though and do the 'running on the spot dance' that looks like you're deperate for a pee!

The treadmill is supposed to be kinder on the knees though, so I do try to put up with one treadmill run a week.


your description of running on the spot is so me....did you see me out yesterday lol


Ha ha! Sometimes it just has to be done.....


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