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I don't want to be on the IC

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4th postgrad run today and severe pain in right calf around 26 mins. Not a particularly different route or speed than usual. Slowed to a walk as soon as it happened but still sore on walking 10 hours later and tender mid calf. No bruise/swelling and Achilles seems ok.

Will be taking it easy over the weekend but is it best to wait until completely back to normal before heading out again, or reduce to shorter runs for a while?

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If it were me I'd have a long soak , in fact I'm in the 🛀🏼 now as my legs are aching from my run this morning. I would use a foam roller if I had one (but I loathe them), but I'll probably rub in some tiger balm and sit with my feet up tonight. I'm sure in a couple of days you're calf will feel better. Sometimes you just need to give your body a couple of extra rest days, especially now you are a graduate.

Hope it eases soon.

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Sounds like a calf strain. Don't try to run while you still have pain on walking - common sense, I guess.🙂 Ice and elevation but be mobile when you can. Hopefully in a few days it will feel a lot better but do go carefully when you try to run again - you don't want to make it worse (calf tears can be horrible and take a long while to recover from, as Oldfloss and myself can testify to! Hope you are well again soon!🙂

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mzye007Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks for the advice Sandraj39 and Razouski. Here's hoping for a quick recovery

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Ouch... oh yes.... we can :)

I keep seeing ' IC' What is this?

I'm sure I'll have a 'doh' moment when I find out!

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mzye007Graduate in reply to cathsykes

Injury couch!

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cathsykes in reply to mzye007


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Zandy21 in reply to cathsykes

I know this thread is two months old, but I'm here because I did a google search for IC and it lead me here. Thanks for asking :)

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Rest and roll.. when you head out... the slightest twinge ..stop and rest longer... if it persists..get it checked out please.

My calf is sore too! I had a massage which really helped and she told me to use heat. I've been attached to my hot water bottle ever since and it is helping. It's probably better to do shorter runs until it settles

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