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Who’d of thunk it?

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So I’m currently on holibobs and popped into the pool after my 7.5 k treadmill hell run, no air con in hotel gym, lost 50 gallons of sweat 💦 to cool off and stretch

Now I’m not a great swimmer, larger than the average “airbags” but totally unable to float, so don’t really enjoy it and have been putting off getting into a routine on my rest days to get to the pool, however today something odd happened.

I could swim in a much more level manner, my hips weren’t flexing downwards and it was a much nicer and propelling (is that the right description) type of a swim

So my reckoning on this is that the running has obviously helped improve my core strength and is helped by my stay bum level, and straight.

Has anyone else encountered similar?

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I was a swimmer before I was a runner but I find my swim has got stronger as I became a runner. More propulsion from the glutes as they have got stronger. Interesting that you have noticed a difference, that is great.


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