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My first 20 minute run!

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I am so happy its actually ridiculous.

I achieved session 3 week 5, where you do your first 20 min run non stop.

I started a bit too fast and after a few minutes i felt really out of breath so i slowed down and kept telling myself to slow matther how slow the main thing is not to stop. After 10 minutes i realised i was feeling ok and much better with my breathing...i run in a lovely huge park near my house. There are open spaces and lots of trees, water streams, birds, a few swans. People walking their's the nature and yourself, one step at the time. I have done it and i cant belive it.

If i did it, anyone can! Thats my message for everyone.

My main motivation to do Couch to to 5k is the mental benefits mainly. Its the fitness and feeling good. I dont need to lose weight, but i need something to lower my level of stress/ anxiety. It is really working for me.

Looking forward to week 6!

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So glad that running is improving your stress and anxiety, congratulations on completing run 3 of week 5, that is a milestone run with C25K

Becareful of runs 1 and 2 of week 6 as it's back to interval walks and runs, some people find those two runs hard after the non stop run of week 5 run 3.

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Fitness and feeling good is a great target. I didn't need to lose any weight. However I did.

Well done on the 20 min run. It has a side effect of causing grinning for the rest of the day and an urge to brag to anyone who will listen and many who won't. 😉😁

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey.

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Well done on your run, 20 mins is an amazing accomplishment and a great feeling right.

I’m pleased your enjoying running benefits, I’ve just completed week 6 and also started for mental benefits mainly, it’s a great stress relief and provides much needed “me time” to decompress at this challenging time.

It’s also teaching my puppy alone time and mum will return, calmer and sweaty lol. She used to greet me, now she lifts her sleep head and goes “oh, it’s only you” lol. Many benefits of running! You’ve got this!

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Well done, it feels fantastic doesn’t it 💪

Hope W6 goes well for you too 😊

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Thank you all!

Thanks for all the good advice for next week AlMorr. Its amazing what running can do for you. Its "me time" as Catho78 said, its decompressing...its life changing really.

Thats very true Nowster I feel like boring everyone to death with my new thing but better not to ...thats why this forum is great. Thank you all for listening and taking the time to comment. All the best in your own journeys!

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Well done to you! I have just done R1 W5, not sure how R3 will work, but experience has taught me my body will know if my head doesn't.

Started this for the physical health benefits but loving the mental benefits as well. Helping me cope with back to FE teaching after lockdown .

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Good luck with run 2 week 5 Blondefox.

I found week 4 challenging so i repeated some sessions, your body knows!

The pandemic has creates so much anxiety around...I am glad running is working for you too!

Really well done. I remember that one being a bit daunting but feeling amazing once it was done. I hope this boosts your confidence as it did for me. 👍

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Week 5 run 3 was my biggest high of the whole program! So brilliant for mental health. Good luck with the remaining runs!

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Well done. Sounds like you have a perfect place for your run!

Great, very well done, just stick with it 👏

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Great achievement and it's good to know you're getting all those benefits.

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I am smiling with you! Well done, keep it up. You can Soooo do this xx

I think I almost cried when I did mine - well done you 👍🏻

Wonderful post, congrats on smashing that milestone run! The programme is helping sort my head out too 💕Onwards and upwards, hope you enjoy W6!

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Such a lovely post! So so pleased you’re loving it!

I was the same!

It’s a brilliant and magical plan and the feel good factor is huge!

Well done! 👏👏

Week 5run 3 is a milestone run in my eyes!

Week 6 here you come 😀

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