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Decided to run before work as after a day at work thought it might not be as appealing. It was a slog at first legs felt very heavy but did improve think l may have been lacking fluids but lve done it. Feeling rather smug with myself as thought l would never in a million years be able to complete run 1 let alone finish the first week. Week 2 starts Wednesday going to try early morning again. Have a good day everyone. 👍😀

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Well done!! Week 1 is the hardest week and you've done it.

I'm very impressed you went out before work. Perhaps a small glass of water next time before you go? I used to go out without as I was worried about it sloshing about but I've found I can have a glass and it's fine.

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Thanks will definitely have some on Wednesday morning!


I'm just the same so I take a bottle and sip it whilst I'm doing the recovery walk. That seems to work for me.


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