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W1R3 done....yay!!!

Completed w1r3 this morning and feel really pleased. This time 4 weeks ago I couldn't even get out of bed due to work related stress and anxiety. I was just a mess, sluggish, eating too much and feeling sorry for myself. But on Tuesday I took the bull by the horns and did my first run. I was tired by the end of the first 60 seconds!! Really could not see me finishing the first run, let alone the first week. But as hard as it was, I felt great after.

The one thing that has kept me motivated is reading the blog, made me realise I am not alone and I can do it (however long it takes). I feel really awful whilst running, but am ignoring the negative voice that tells me I am rubbish and can't do it. So at the end of week one, I feel I have achieved something small but wonderful.

Manda x

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Well done! That's great. The first week is the hardest but you soon get bitten by the bug.

And exercise is really good for helping to relieve stress and anxiety too. You are definitely not rubbish - just new to it! :-)

I hope you are feeling more like your old self soon. Keep running!

V x


Thank you so much Viki! X


Well done, the first week is really hard and you have done it that is brilliant. I always find it helpful when running to picture everyone on here running with me (if only in spirit) and that certainly keeps me going. Good Luck with wk2 you can do it :-D


Well done on taking that first step and congratulations on finishing week 1, it's a brilliant achievement. You'll find that there'll be a few mental battles with yourself along the way but this program really does build your confidence. It really works. All the best with it , go for it :)


Thank you so much, I think the psychological barriers are going to be really tough! The support of the community is so important though. So thank you once again ??


Hi Manda really well done and welcome to C25K. Its great fun but

you have to work at it. Keep going and good luck Ed x


Hi Big Ed! Thank you so much for welcoming me to the community and for your kind support. X


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