Newbie needs motivation!!

Newbie needs motivation!!

Am starting Couch to 5k tomorrow morning, have been doing zombie run 5k which was awesome but was sidelined at week 3 with a pulled hamstring.

So starting from scratch tomorrow, I am about 30kg overweight and definitely not a runner but that has to change.

Am using myfitness pal to clean up my diet and calories but if anyone has some pointers on sticking with c25k and making it fun would love to hear them going to need all the help I can get!

I turned 30 this year and refuse to spend another kiwi summer at the end of this year overweight and ashamed of my body!

In case anyone asks I'm 177cm and at the moment weigh 111kg (sob).


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  • Just do it and you'll be hooked. Link up with other people at the same stage as you on this forum. Post all the time - it keeps you going. Hopefully you've got a deadline that you will not let slip, so you will keep going no matter what. Its tough and its also a mental thing - you have to be determined and you have to want this. Don't do more than Laura asks of you even if you're tempted. Do these after ever run Be prepared to get hooked and excited very soon. Good luck.

  • Thanks so much I do indeed have a deadline of 1.11.15 (weightloss wise) which is 30 weeks away - want to do this right and slow. I'm also eyeing up a half marathon on the 11th October as a motivator goal too so watch. This space I guess. Thank you for the support!

  • Everything screams slow and sure, so glad you're not going to rush but also that you have something to aim for. Amazing inspirational stories on here. Remember every run is a success. Good luck.

  • Well done on making the decision to start this programme. The hardest bit is stepping outside on day 1. Then it's just a case of listening to Laura who guides you through your running and taking it slowly. It seems lots of people set out running too fast and find things unnecessarily hard. Keep checking this forum. There are lots of stories of people like me who are amazed at what they have achieved. You will get lots of support here too. Good luck!

  • Thanks - will use this forum a lot I'm sensing haha. :-)

  • Stick with myfitnespal rigidly, the mobile app as a bar code scanner, it works if you stick with it like C25K, I should know Ive lost 4 stone since last March. If you find the running too hard at first, then walking or hiking is a good intro until some weight comes off and you feel more mobile. Don't expect miracles but 2lb a week is not unrealistic if you do the exercise at the same time, its just as important as the diet and give you back extra calories that help.

  • Thanks I walk our delightful mutt a good 4 days a week about 5km each time, so it's just taking that next step up i guess, I'm not hard and fast on the 2 pound a week but I do get it's going to take a while and some hard work to get the weight off again. Congrats on the weight loss that's fantastic you should be really proud of yourself!

  • When using my fitness pal, don't make the mistake of eating all your exercise calories back. MFP, along with most other calorie counter apps, tends to overestimate the number of calories you exercise off.

  • No its actually OK to do that Adam, if you do an activity that is worth say 1000 calories and it ads that to your daily allowance, so if you have it set to lose 2lb a week and you have an allowance of 1400 calories per day, then you earn an extra 1000 calories through your activity , it is quite OK to consume 2400 calories for that day. You are right that it probably is a little on the high side in terms of calories per activity. But that is exactly how I used from March of last year and still am using it, I shed 4 stone doing it that way. But the excercise part is important to be used in conjunction with myfitnesspal.

  • My point is - MFP overestimates for most people. I have to divide the exercise calories by 2. Perhaps I exercise more efficiently than I'm supposed to, but if i eat back all my exercise calories I will put on weight rapidly.

  • Can't answer that one Adam, but if you go to complete entry on MFP for the day and if you have earned an extra 1000 calories for that day, watch what it says your projected weight would be if you did that for the next 5 weeks.

  • Also use runkeeper in conjunction with myfitnespal and C25K it will tell you how far you have been and how many calories you have roughly burnt, set it the correct activity, you will be surprised how far you have to walk to burn 100 calories off, I have the website version and the mobile app version. Just weigh yourself once a week, don't get obsessed with the scales.

  • Hi, I'm a returning newbie (absent for nearly 3 years) If we're talking numbers ... I turned 50 last year, when all's said and done weight/height/age are all just numbers surely. What counts is we've signed up and we'll do our best, and hopefully enjoy the virtual company. I've not signed up for an event but think it would be a good motivator, fancy one of those obstacle type races, maybe mud or colour involved. This could get messy missgem85 ;-)

  • Well done, stepping outside for the first week run1 is the hard part, before you know it the C25K bug will have taken hold and you will be hooked. Use this superb friendly forum as often as possible, you will recieved all the motivation and help you require. Good luck and happy running. 😊

  • Miss gem if I can do it anyone can. I've just clocked up my first 100 miles after having a lung disease which nearly finished me. Just take it slowly. Listen to your body and move on when YOU are ready. It's not a race it's a program. You have taken the first big step by starting the program. Just run and post on this forum. I'm expecting to see a grad in 9 weeks + or - how you feel of cause. By the way you look amazing like a runner already in your running kit. Now get out there girl and smash those runs :) it's all mind over matter. Good luck :) J

  • Hi missgem85 - best of luck and enjoy running. You'll get lots of good advice and support on here.

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