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W3R2 - need some motivation

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Feel like I've been doing this forever πŸ™„

Started beginning of June, had to repeat a few weeks, out with injury end of July. Started again September, now half way through week 3 and I think I'm finding it harder πŸ™

Start training on Monday with the local athletics club for a 10K at Christmas beginning to think I'll never get there.

Need a good kick up the arse to get myself motivated

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Looks like you want to complete it or you wouldn't have started so many times?

Maybe look into your deep motivation. I asked my husband, who does lots of exercise, how he keeps motivated. He said he doesn't want to die young, like his grandfather and great grandfather, of heart attack. His father also isn't very old but is overweight and smoked his whole life, and I think my husband fears ending up the same (although he doesn't smoke).

I have a similar motivation. My mother has dementia, and the risk of getting dementia is cut by something like 30-50% with regular exercise. Better than any pill. And -- I want to set a good example for my kids. show them they can do something, even if it's hard, by starting small.

Why do you want to run? What does it mean?

If you don't do it, what happens?

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CleopGraduate in reply to ejvcruns

Maybe it's not motivation, I look forward to getting out and I feel great afterwards.

It's more that I don't feel that I'm progressing, I thought I would find it easier this time, having got to week 5, I thought the first couple of weeks would be like a warm up but I struggled with W3R1.

I'm just lacing up my runners ready to run after the school drop off.

I just wish I could run for longer

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Hidden in reply to Cleop

If you have had a long break through injury I think it is like starting again from scratch. As long as you are progressing through the programme then you are making progress. You just need to celebrate the milestones like you did first time around. If you are enjoying the runs and moving through the programme you will get there. I am sure the running club and the event will help too as long as you don't let yourself pile pressure on yourself.

Good luck and enjoy.

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I too found it very hard to remain motivated when I first started many many times in the past. I must have started and failed at C25K on at least 10 separate occasions. I started this time back in April and I graduated in June. This time I remained motivated due to this Forum and I did my first Parkrun on week 5. Try doing a Parkrun as your 3rd run each week on the plan. Do the Parkrun by starting with your 5 minute warm up walk and then follow the intervals as on the plan. When your C25k session is over just walk at a good fast pace to the finish line. Each week you will get a new time, and I gaurentee that you will also get a new PB (Personal Best) time each week. Running at Parkrun and seeing how much faster you complete the 5k each week will be motivating. I've done 14 Parkruns and volunteered 3 times. I love them.

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I think what you need to do is to give yourself a break. The reason you are feeling deflated is your goal is too high to reach in the time frame you have given yourself. Pushing yourself to complete a 10k by Christmas is an unrealistic goal considering you aren't yet running 5k.

Why not reset your goal to completing a 5k race at Christmas? That give you time to complete the programme and consolidate the 5k so you are comfortable with this pace and ready for the race.

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CleopGraduate in reply to Whatsapp

I read your reply before I started my run this morning and thought about it the whole time.

I think you are right, when I signed up in June, it felt achievable but having been out with injury maybe I'm being unrealistic.

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If you don't continue to run then you lose the health and fitness benefits. Regular running is the only way to stay on top of it. I know life gets in the way but if you really want to do this you will commit the time, giving it priority over other things. I fear that if you are too target led (your 10k race), rather than wanting to establish a habit for a life time, that you may be like so many others who come back here saying that they trained for an event, then stopped running, so want to start again.

If you don't continue to run then you lose the health and fitness benefits. Stick with it as a regular habit and you will make progress. There are no quick fix shortcuts........put in the work, reap the benefits.

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CleopGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

You are right, I'm far to focused on my distance. I need to re focus on why I started to run.

I enjoy getting out and running, now my youngest has started school I've the time to get out 3 times a week.

Is 3 times enough? I could probably squeeze a 4th one in or maybe every other day. But should I?

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Cleop

Three times per week is plenty and trying to up it only means that it is more likely to clash with other life events.

I ran most of C25k on alternate days, which is effectively three and a half runs per week. It is fine if you can cope with it and does help to reinforce the habit aspect, but best to listen to your body and take rest days as you need.

Trying to force yourself to a target can ultimately be demotivating, although an easily attainable target can do the opposite. I am sure you will sort it all out.

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Every beginning is hard, nobody is saying all will go swimmingly. If you persevere, and you should as there are so many benefits, you will notice positive changes in your fitness level and general health.

Once you have completed the program you may decide to take three easier, slower, more relaxing runs each week and you'll find you can do them without much strain. Of course, should you decide to go further, harder, faster, it will be challenging again, like it is now.

Good news is, with 5K in the bag you are the master of what, how, when and how long.

Please give it a try!

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Should I forget the athletics club training and just stick to C25K for now?

Or should I join the sessions but focus on improving my fitness levels. They meet twice a week and say it's for all levels including beginners

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You have to work at it and you'll get better. Like anything it takes practice πŸ‘ Just stick at it!

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I would concentrate on finishing the plan if I was you. Just stick to running 3 times per week. When you graduate you could join up with the Athletics club and train with them.

I joined an Athletics club when I graduated. It is a lovely way of meeting up with others, learning about 5K, 6K and 10k races in your area and staying motivated.

Agree also with forgetting about 10k for the time being.

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CleopGraduate in reply to damienair

Thank you 😊

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