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Need Motivation



I am 24 and have a lot of weight to lose( around 50 pounds). I managed to lose 10 pounds in 2 months with on and off dieting and exercise. I have had so many failed attempts and have lost and gained it all back so many times that I don't really know what to do. I feel demotivated and feel i'll give up in a few days after starting. This time around I am not even motivated to start. I just keep on procrastinating. I also feel awkward to workout in groups or at gyms with so many people around. My heart rate doesn't go up no matter how much I walk. I don't even know what to do anymore. I have a friends wedding in 22 days. I wanted to lose 7-8 pounds before that but I haven't even started working on it. Any help,motivation,anything is welcome.

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Well done for posting, that means you do have a tinsy bit of motivation to even put your aspiration out there. Yay! Well done. I'm only on Week 5 and didn't think I would make it this far. I recognise the yoyo-ing weight, the good and lapsed intentions, the goal settings and sliding. But never say never. I did Wk1 r1 last May and then procrastinated so much I didn't get out again until 5 weeks ago!! Beat that!

At work when we were facing an enormous challenge, or our clients were, we used to say "eat the elephant in bite size chunks". In other words, don't think you have 50lbs to lose, set yourself modest and achieveable goals. I'm want/need to lose a stone and a half but that seems impossible so I started January with the goal of, each day, just trying not to graze (usually crisps or cheese), cus I know that's a big weakness for me, esp freelancing from home. And be kind to yourself, when you manage to do something you aimed for, even a day at a time (actually today is my first grazing day since January so thanks for posting this, tomorrow is a fresh day!).

I'm no expert only 5 weeks in but you WANTING to do something is a great start, and I think you do want to do something even if you feel discouraged. So make a plan for that first run, and try your hardest not to wriggle out of it. I'm aiming to do the 9 weeks before my 50th. And I realised I've absolutely no wriggle room left as my birthday is in March. I'm finding some of it quite hard but am soooo pleased with myself when that run is over (even when others streak past me), and so will you.

I'm realising slowly through C25k that for me such a lot of it is mind over matter (for this programme and my life in general).

Let us know how you get on, you can do it. Good luck :-)

Great advice! I'll break it into smaller chunks and start following Couch to 5k( I gave it a try earlier but gave up). Congratulations on completing 5 weeks(I have given up in max a week every single time ). Will start fresh again and make it this time :-)

Thank you!

HelsbelswhatamIdoingGraduate in reply to gomesriya25

ps. you have 22 days to the wedding so that's up to Week 3. And I know everyone's bodies are different but I lost 6lb in January without dieting, just trying to stop grazing and eating more healthily (but not any less!!) at mealtimes, plus the exercise having got off the couch. Just go for Wk1 for starters... :-)

Yes! Still time. Never too late to make changes.

Thank you! :-)

What about joining a weight loss group like slimming world? I have been going since the beginning of March last year and lost 68lbs! Still 28 more to go but I find the idea of standing on a scale in front of someone very motivational!!


Whilst you can loose weight by running, many people actually report putting on some weight, as muscle weighs more than fat. Bottom line is Calories IN & calories OUT.... If you burn or east less calories then you will loose weight. But don't stop the exercise as it does encourage you to eat well and cut out the junk food and snacks and if you must snack, grab some fruit :-)

gomesriya25 in reply to AndyD

I do eat healthier the day I exercise ( I didn't look at it this way though). Thank you so much for pointing that out :-)

AndyDGraduate in reply to gomesriya25

Its not easy, but all the best :-) Hard to believe, but you do get hooked!!

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