Week 9 Run 1 - Starting to believe I might make it but running still feels really hard. Is that usual?

After repeating weeks 7 and 8 a couple of times, I finally plucked up the courage to tackle week 9.

So glad I did, as I had my best run to date. Not quite managIng 5k but pushed myself and got to 4.4k in the 30 mins.

Running still feels really, really hard, is that normal?


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9 Replies

  • Well done 👍, I think my best in 30 minutes is short of 4 k!!!! You're doing just fine 👍✋️ Don't doubt yourself.🏃🏻‍♀️Keep going x🌶

  • You're doing great. I think running can feel harder than you expect for a few reasons. As you get better, you go faster. So it doesn't feel like it's getting easier, but you're covering more ground. Also, the first 1km or so always feels tough for me. Has for years, I don't expect that to change. Sometimes you get a spectacular run where everything feels effortless - even just for a minute or two- a runner's high. Those are magical. Sometimes it's nice to gear down and do a really slow run. You might find those feel easier.

  • Yes, I think it does get easier. Not every run, but incrementally over time, as you get stronger and your stamina improves. You are running quite quickly. If you slow down it will probably feel easier, but it may be that the speed is important to you???

    I would suggest completing the programme, consolidating and then playing around a bit- run faster, run slower, run longer, run shorter, run intervals etc. That way you will find yourself as a runner and find out what is comfortable for you. Enjoy :)

  • Wow, amazing 🙌🏻

  • You say you pushed yourself. Well that will always feel hard. Don't focus on the distance. Just get the three 30 minute runs under your belt, then do a few more to consolidate. Then decide on your next challenge. Building up gradually is the way to make it easier. But it's meant to be a bit hard, that's why it's good for you. If it's too hard you are pushing yourself too much.

  • Your running legs are still growing and as yet you really are still challenging them so yes it will still feel hard (does to me anyway) though more enjoyable

  • You're not kidding, the day after each run the legs certainly feel challenged.

    I'm struggling a bit with the mental aspects of running for longer, I've proved I can do it but everytime I'm about to start a longer run it seems like such a mountain to climb. I'm talking myself into it being hard, I'm going out for run 2 later and with a bit more of a can do attitude.

  • every run for me that 1st k is a challenge, don't know why but once I hit that things seem to loosen up.

    as to running distance slow down your pace to be comfortable doing the distance, a post on here some weeks back spoke of sustainable pace so running at a pace you can maintain and it was at that point that the penny dropped for me and I slowed it down a little and guess what it got easier

  • Thanks for all the replies and tips. I hadn't planned to focus on speed but I guess the very fact I mentioned it shows I have been.

    I think I'll just let myself get used to running for 30 minutes, fast or slow for the next few weeks. Hopefully my body, mind and legs will get the hang of it.....

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