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Was a strange run, first 10 mins were ok all felt well. Michael velvet tones told me half way, slow if needed....but hey, I felt good so carried on even lifted the pace a little because I was all over this!

Then I assumed Michael had forgotten me, I felt like I had been running for 3 hours and perhaps he just forgot to tell me to stop. Finally music faded and hear I still have 2 more minutes?!? How could there be 2 more minutes?!??

Anyway, did it...panting and purple but did it! Amazing feeling 😬 just hope I can walk in morning!

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Mr Smooth is a bit of a tease... he leads you on, until you're running by yourself and all of a sudden you think hey Mr Smooth where are you... he is a sneaky coach, but we love him!


I’ve just done this run today too. Feels great doesn’t it?! Well done!

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Well done...keep it slow and steady and know that you are ready for next week!


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