Wk5r3 completed

After all my worrying and panic, I actually completed the dreaded run ! I'm beaming from ear to ear.

Someone on here recommended breaking the run into smaller chunks. That actually helped a lot. I ran 4x 5 min runs in my head :)

I listened to a podcast rather than music for the first time. I always thought I wouldnt be able to concentrate on a podcast but that wasn't true. I actually dont remember much of the run at all because I was listening so well.

I struggled at 1:30 mins lol. First time that's ever happened but the gremlins nearly won. I considered stopping so many times in that first few minutes but I eventually shook the gremlins off and carried on. They resurfaced at 16 mins but I just clock watched those last few minutes and worked through it.

There wasnt actually a point where I felt physically unable to continue. It was a complete mind exercise that I eventually won.

Thanks for all your help. I DID IT !!!

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  • Congrats on the achievement. The gremlins are the worst especially on the days when the rains are hard and the wind is even harder and you think "why am I doing this?" but stick with it. Onwards and upwards.

  • Wow well done, that's amazing! Nice work :)

  • It's a great feeling, isn't it? Relish it! You have earned it!

  • Well done! keep at it, not long till graduation!

  • Brilliant - over a huge hurdle. Well done. YOU did it.

  • I am glad it worked out for you. I still break my run into sections. I did a run along a long coastal path yesterday where I could see my destination at the beginning of the run - quite disheartening when I started but very motivational when I got there. Good luck with W6.

  • Never in doubt! Well done. Even now I still sometimes think of my runs in terms of "only 5 minutes", "only another 5 minutes" etc. It's always worked for me. Over half way now, you'll soon have that Graduate badge :)

  • Well done.

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